11 Reasons why you should APPRECIATE a LEO friend


If you have a friend or friend that is of the zodiacal sign Leo, there is a great chance that in the last few days you have been hearing about their fabulous plans for your birthday party. And is that those born between July 23 and August 22 are governed under this sign.

As a sign of fire, they are notoriously known for their energy and self-confidence. The Leo are ready to shine in this month, and here are 11 reasons why you should say thanks to a Leo for being in your life. Happy birthday friends and lions!

1. They are loyal

As kings of the jungle, the Leo know how to value each member of their circle of friends.

They believe that everyone crosses their path for a reason, and they find a unique beauty in each relationship. It is almost impossible for someone to get out of their lives. Once you enter your jungle, you will be in it for a long time.

2. They are the soul of the party

Combine your love for attention, your passion for life and natural energy trends and you will have as a result the number one friend at parties.

They are perfect to start a plan, find the best place to go and stay with you in the bar until the time they close. In fact, they suffer with the idea of ​​missing an important moment in a party or event, so they will never reject an invitation to have a good time.

3. They give the best advice

It is no secret that Leo is one of the most reliable signs.

Because they are so willful and care so much about their friends, they are experts in taking charge of their mistakes and bragging about their successes. Leo knows what is best for their loved ones, and they use their own life lessons to guide others.

4. They always find the positive side

Optimism is a Leo's favorite game. They were born in the middle of summer, when life tends to be carefree, warm and cheerful.

Let a Leo find the good side of every situation, from ignoring those who have ill will to discovering the lessons behind the unexpected changes in life.

5. They are leaders in every situation

Although some of the other signs, such as Virgo and Capricorn, can be more organized than Leos and more boring when it comes to planning, a Leo will always take the reins in most situations. They firmly believe in the idea that if you want something well done, you have to do it yourself.

You can always count on a Leo to know the best place to have lunch, to travel, the best and newest application to download. A Leo always helps his group do things in a more efficient way.

6. They are always motivated

To say that a Leo is someone of action would be to underestimate him. When a Leo sees something he wants, nothing can stop him. In general, they have set a significant number of personal goals that imply important leaps in their career, travel around the world, improve relationships, and so on.

Their ambition and determination are always well received by their friends, and can be almost contagious.

7. They say things as they are

They are simple, frank, insightful and always want the best for all the people around them (including themselves).

Actually, I'm not sure you should send that text message to your ex.

Do not worry: if you're about to make a mistake, they'll let you know. And in addition, they will have a list of alternatives and a plan B in their back pocket for later.

8. They have connections

In each group there is a friend who knows someone wherever he goes. Most likely, that friend is a Leo. They are good at making relationships. They know how to start a conversation and establish deep relationships with almost everyone they can meet.

9. Love with all your heart

The heart of a Leo is brave, passionate and unconditional.

They live their lives to the fullest with an extremist mentality, firmly believing that they should never put less than one hundred percent in everything they do (especially when it comes to a relationship).

They pursue anything that ignites their inner emotions, be it good or bad. And, unfortunately, they always expect their commitment to be reciprocated.

10. They make things unpleasant

The Leos tend to be the fiercest, and the most authoritative of all the signs of the Zodiac, usually they are always the center of attention. If you need a friend who makes a shameful call for you, announce something in public or ask a stranger to take a picture so that all the friends of the group leave, you can count on that a Leo will always be the one willing to pass the shame for you and the whole group.

11. They have the best time to celebrate their birthday

Let's be honest: There is no better time to have a birthday party than at the end of July or mid-August. The holidays feel in the air, and everyone is looking for ways to enjoy their last weeks of summer.In addition, Leo's know that their birthday is the ideal time for all eyes to be on them, so they usually always take the initiative and plan a birthday party in advance.

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