11 Reasons why men prefer Bad Girl

Men know exactly the kind of woman they have to be with to have a happy and healthy relationship. But, guess what? They will not choose it. They will prefer the other girl, the one who will break their hearts.

Men choose the bad girl instead of the good four times out of five. Even though they know that the choice of the good girl is a wise decision, they almost never choose her. You know why?

1. Men confuse the bad with the sexy

The bad is exciting. Men, literally, have managed to incorporate the word into their vocabulary as a synonym for sexy. They use phrases like, Heavens. What bad.

We find then that the bad is sexy because the things that a man plans to do with a bad woman are daring, different, intense. The bad lends itself to mischief, to prove the forbidden, and that is sexy.

2. Men like to take risks

Those who avoid them are considered weak. In general, a man must take different risks at one time or another in his life.

Of course, it will be a sign of weakness if you do not bet on that pretty bad girl who took the initiative and leaves aside maturity and intelligence.

3. Bad girls are generally better in bed

Actually, what many bad girls have is a good eye for the inexperienced man. In public they will behave differently than when they are behind closed doors; Then, they will show how uninhibited they can be.

Good girls, on the other hand, are demure; let's say they are the kind of woman that every mother would want for her son. It's true, maybe they are not so good in bed for lack of an adventurous spirit.

4. Although it does not sound logical, some men enjoy emotional pain

Yes, they are masochists. They do not enjoy the pain itself, of course, but they enjoy feel too. Most women have no idea what a man experiences on a deeper physical level.

So, the bad girls will hurt them, but they will remind them that they are still breathing.

5. Good girls are boring

The best way to explain it is this: for most men, bad girls are like a bucket of hot wings: they know they will regret it when they run out, but they are really good.

On the other hand, good girls equate to a salad: it's good for you, it's the healthiest decision. However, as we have said before, four out of five times men prefer spicy wings.

6. Men prefer women who can not know completely

If you can imagine what a girl is like completely, that is, guess her inside, they find it boring. Most men love having a bit of intrigue in their life And bad girls are mysterious by nature. They are reserved and difficult to reach. They are not easy to catch and are almost impossible to maintain.

7. Men do not look for a woman thinking: will she be a good mother?

If men thought in this way, surely the divorce rate would be reduced by half. Men do not like the idea of ​​imagining relationships too much in the future because many of them have problems with commitment.

8. They like a relationship carried (at least a little) to the limit

Men like to be forced to remain on alert, intrigued and with some insecurity. When two people stop impressing each other, the relationship will surely be about to falter.

9. Men like uncertainty

Women want their man to be there to stay. And men like to worry about the possibility of losing their women, they do not want the certainty that they will have them forever.

Thus, men want, as well as women, what they can not have. Bad girls do not seem to look for a serious thing, and that is why they capture the interest of so many men.

10. Men love danger

Have you met a man who does not like action movies? Do not like to see fights, races or risky sports? Of course not. Men, in general, love danger.

Not so much being in a situation of danger, but seeing it from a distance. Bad girls are a type of danger with which they feel comfortable enough to experience it up close.

11. They feel as if they good it was easy to get (of course, they are wrong).

What is wrong seems more like a challenge, and men love good challenges; They like to see themselves as conquerors.

Bad girls may seem a greater challenge, although a good and intelligent girl is really a real challenge: with it the man will have to constantly prove his worth. Try something that most can not do: that is a good man.

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