11 Reasons why having curly hair is amazing


Recently I had a revelation that I found great for my lifestyle: I discovered that I will not have to spend so much time in front of the mirror trying to fix my hair, because I found the solution: I accept my curly hair!

There are hundreds of treatments to fix it, and I have tried almost everything: Korean techniques, Brazilian keratin, the trendy chocolate treatments; I even reached the point of straightening it with a clothes iron. They have been so many that poor of my curls!

Therefore, I have decided to stop having my epic battles in the morning to accept myself as I am. Those days are already behind. And you curly-haired sisters should also do it.

Here are 12 reasons why having curlers is the best:

1. You will stand out from the crowd

You can be lost among the crowds, in an amusement park, in a concert; but your hair will be the meeting point. Believe me: you will not be able to hide.

2. You are like a queen of tales

The girls will see you as a queen. You can not stop observing your hair with those curls so defined. One day in the school of my children, a girl looked at me and saw my hair, then hers and said: You are like a queen of stories!

3. Elegant hair = Curls

It was your turn to be the bridesmaid at your best friend's wedding. Believe me: while the others spend hours curling the bride, you're ready!

4. You will sleep more!

Just a little cream to comb and voilà! You do not have to get up before the sun comes up to be super-groomed. You are ready!

5. It gives you personality

Impossible to be shy with a curly and stylized hair. People think you are bold and accessible.

6. It gives you an image of rebellion

Look at you, you are a sexy and rebellious woman. Everyone recognizes you by your hair You're popular, baby!

7. The 80s: your best choice for the Halloween party

You only need some hair clips, spray fixative, good eyeliner and that's it!

8. Who needs a ponytail for the chongos?

You do not have to worry about getting a high ponytail before any chongo or bun; Just twist your curls a little, a league and that's it!

9. It is the perfect distractor

It will help you to hide what you want: the bags under your eyes, pimples on your cheek, those earrings you hate but use because your mother gave them to you.

10. The beach and your curls: the best friends

11. You are fabulous with your curls

Seriously, you look terrific and wonderfully beautiful. You will highlight your beauty anywhere you go.

So now: to show off those crazy curls!

11 Reasons Why You Have Bad Hair ????| Curly Hair Advice | Lana Summer (January 2021)