11 Brides before and after makeup on your wedding day


For brides, guests at their weddings are the number one priority; for them, the most important thing is to enjoy the banquet, the music and the memories; Generally, what the bride looks like is not the main topic of many conversations. However, makeup is the key to why a woman feels even more beautiful on that special day, so we have to talk about this.

Makeup artist Arber Bytyqi is an expert in highlighting the most beautiful features of a bride. So far he has more than 265,000 followers on Instagram, where he shares his impressive work. In addition to some fashion and beauty projects, many of his photographs show the before and after the brides and their incredible transformation.

1. Each bride is different, but they look even more beautiful

Each one has its own style and personality. Some love natural makeup, others want the glamor complete and there you want to opt for a look alternative and unique bridal.

2. When it comes to the big day, the rules come out in excess

Brides choose the makeup they want, it does not matter if they want to recreate the celebrity or the one they saw on Pinterest, the important thing is that they feel comfortable and beautiful on their wedding day.

3. Arber knew from childhood what he wanted to do

I became interested in makeup since I was little. The first drawings I made were of girls or dresses. I used to take my mom's makeup products and play with him when he was only five years old; so I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to makeup.

4. His family limited him, but he decided to break with the stereotypes

When I finished high school my family did not want me to continue my studies in the beauty industry because in our culture it is considered a taboo if a man works in this. Then, at first I studied economics, then I followed my dream and started working as a makeup artist.

5. Try to connect with your clients to make them look like they want

I always try to ask my clients if they have any specific request. For example, if they want a natural look or a dramatic one to be able to do my magic.

6. The dress also influences the type of makeup they want

I also ask you to show me the dress they will wear. The design and its details reveal the makeup style my clients are looking for. Then I analyze their facial features and try to highlight them, this is how magic happens.

7. Arber has more than a thousand clients per year

We serve more than a thousand brides in a year. Summer, in particular, is the season in which more bridal makeup is requested; during that period my team and I serve more than 60 clients per day.

8. For him, makeup is the key for a bride to shine

The makeup is like a jewelery on the face, it highlights the beauty of a bride and when they look at it even their smile changes, they look happier and radiant.

9. Arber wants all brides to feel perfect

I always recommend my clients not to be afraid of a transformation. It is the most important day and they have to feel perfect and beautiful.

10. Their satisfaction is that they feel unique

At the end of the day his work makes brides shine and, as he says: you will never feel as beautiful and special as your wedding day.

11. Your work is perfect

For him it is like making a piece of art in each face and the best thing is that he really manages to create the most beautiful of the pieces thanks to a unique canvas as is the face.

My Wedding Day GRWM (Re uploaded) (April 2021)