11 Books of the magical world of Harry Potter that you probably did not know


The magical world of Harry Potter is so extensive that seven books official they are not enough to explain the origin of each fantastic animal, the correct way to make a potion, how to counteract a curse and endless doubts that continue to flutter like snitchs golden in our mind Muggle.

To solve some of these doubts, J.K. Rowling and several authors have been given the task of writing 11 more books inspired by Hogwarts and magic around the world.

1. Harry Potter and the cursed legacy

It is located 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry Potter has become the father of three children and is an employee of the Ministry of Magic. His life seems calm, until he is forced to face his past through a curse that has reached his son, Albus Severus.

2. The magician's dictionary

A compendium that reveals the secret of the divinatory arts, the current aspect of the fantastic creatures and the mythology that gives rise to the magical universe.

3. Quidditch through the times

A brief historical review of the favorite sport of magicians and muggles.

4. The tales of Beedle the Bard

A compilation of five tales of fairies and elves that will take you from laughter to the dangers of death.

5. Hogwarts: An incomplete and unreliable guide

It narrates from the construction of the Platform nine and three quarters, the Express of Hogwarts, the community rooms of each magical house, to the history of the Sorting Hat.

6. Hogwarts short stories of power, politics and annoying poltergeist

A dark ride for the political interests of the Ministries of Magic, the creation of Azkaban and the life of Dolores Umbridge.

7. Hogwarts short stories of heroism, hardships and dangerous hobbies

Biographies with the life of some professors, magical paintings and ghosts that lived in Hogwarts.

8. Harry Potter: A journey through the enchantments and the defense against the dark arts

Discover the origin of Lord Voldemort's magic. The digital book will be available from June 27.

9. Harry Potter: A journey through potions and herbology

Neville Longbottom would be happy to have this book. The digital book will be available from June 27.

10. Harry Potter: A journey through divination and astronomy

Probably Professor Trelawney did not finish reading it. The digital book will be available from June 27.

11. Harry Potter: A journey through the care of magical creatures

Newt Scamander shared all his knowledge about fantastic creatures. The digital book will be available from June 27.

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