11 Actors who grew old and declared extinct for Hollywood

It is possible that the phrase "everything to serve" ends up being one of the most authentic that we can hear, especially if we talk about Hollywood actors. It is well known that in the film and television industry there is a great waste of talents and that, when reaching a certain age, losing the physicality or beauty that they demand as a standard to belong to the medium means that producers begin to reject them for important roles.

Thus, there are actors who had their heyday during the 90s and 2000s, and more than one girl dreamed of someday marrying them, but their success was not lasting because years later they were not requested for any other role; The problem: they grew old or their career stagnated in certain roles. These are the 11 actors who have died for Hollywood.

1. Edward Furlong

Terminator 2: the final judgment it was the film in which he acted in the role of John Connor; After the tape came two more: American history X Y Rebel rockers, and with them ended his career because during the 2000s he had problems with alcohol and drugs and his career stagnated, as did his appeal. By the way, the producers of Terminator 3: the rebellion of machines they did not accept him in the project to play adult Connor.

2. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

During their childhood and adolescence, the twins conquered the world of cinema and television. They started sharing the role of little Michelle Tanner in the series Fuller House and then more successes came. It was assumed that his last project, One minute in New York, It would be the movie that would open the doors to adult cinema, but that's where her career as actresses ended. Fortunately for them, they found a new industry to conquer: fashion. As for the cinema, they were forgotten.

3. Jake Lloyd

Star Wars It was the film that catapulted him to success when he was just a child, but he did not advance further because, according to his own statements, he ended up hating his role because his classmates made him bullying, and even imitated the sound of the laser swords when they saw it happen.

4. Wesley Snipes

The actor went from vampire hunter to ex-convict. After the success that the tape reached Blade, disappeared without a trace, or so we thought. Now we know that because of tax problems and taxes he was sentenced to three years in prison. He left in 2013, but his career did not take off again.

5. Brendan Fraser

No one forgets the movies he appeared in during the 90s, The Mummy Y To the devil with the devil, and neither its impressive appeal that disappeared with the passage of time, like his career. At the beginning of the new millennium Fraser was rejected by the most important producers and directors, so he had to settle for secondary or television roles.

6. Melissa Joan Hart

Who does not remember to Clarisa explains everything Y Sabrina, the teenage witch? Most of the girls grew up watching the famous blonde on television, but after Sabrina came to an end we lost track.

7. Mike Vitar

Do you remember Benny The Jet Rodriguez? It is possible that yes it was the handsome boy who was chased by a huge dog in the famous movie Our gang. After this tape appeared in the sequel to Mighty Duck and that's where his career ended. Over the years he chose to become a firefighter, a profession he continues to develop.

8. Alicia Silverstone

After Clueless, he got roles in movies like Batman and Robin, Scooby Doo and well, if we talk about the most popular, of course. After that, he only played small roles and lent his voice to dub animated characters. Nowadays few remember her.

9. Freddie Prinze Jr.

For a time, he was the favorite heartthrob of teen movies, he even married Sarah Michelle Gellar and together they wanted to become the perfect couple; but his career stalled after the movie I know what they did last summer. Then he devoted himself to cooking programs and one or two minor roles for television series.

10. Sarah Michelle Gellar

His most remembered role will always be the one he played in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and apparently it was the only one because the producers related it so much with the series that they did not want it for something else. She is still married to Freddie and has two children.

11. Macaulay Culkin

We could not talk about forgotten actors without mentioning Macaulay. After the movies My poor angel Y Richie Rich his career ended, but it was not his fault but that of his parents who clung to the inclusion of his brothers in the following projects and that the producers did not like, so they stopped inviting him. Over the years, Culkin's life became chaotic, he began to use drugs, his sisters died and he divorced his wife. Now he only participates from time to time in commercials and works as a DJ.

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