10 Women celebrate self-love and show their postpartum body


Getting pregnant is a complete transformation, being part of a wonderful creation that takes time to reach the final goal; It is a road full of changes, scars, stretch marks, swollen bellies and swollen breasts But the marks are nothing more than the test of beauty that involves the gestating of a small baby, a miracle in which nature shows its greatest capacity.

Our body should be proud, and for that we have to put aside prejudices and see what we are: mothers. That is why these women are giving a great example of self-love. And the Mothercare store is putting on high beauty with its Body Proud Mums campaign, which tries to empower the body after childbirth and raise awareness about the naturalness with which a subject like this should be treated.

The campaign consists of 1o photographs that will be shown at the metro stations. The images portray women who have already given birth with their children. It is a campaign that defends both diversity and motherhood, through 10 inspiring stories that speak of the importance of accepting and loving the body in the postpartum period.

1. Sabra, 10 weeks after giving birth

I felt that this project will help me express myself and, hopefully, inspire people about the beautiful changes in a woman's life and body that occur during and after pregnancy. I hope to show people that this is normal, and part of the beauty of being a mother. Now I am very excited to be part of this project.

2. Tina, 27 weeks after giving birth

When I was pregnant I hated to see the use of pregnancy and motherhood with thin models with false bellies. Society tells you to accept your beautiful new self, but even so the new weight and the new baggy clothes make you feel fat instead of bright and pregnant. So the inspiration behind this project is to show the real women, all the different shapes and sizes in reality.

3. Sophia, 39 weeks after giving birth

I am very excited to participate in this project. I lost a lot of time worrying about how I would look after having children. I was worried about weight gain and stretch marks, especially since many women in the public eye seem to recover! Since I gave birth to my babies I have a new respect for my body, even with my extra weight and stretch marks.

4. Kesia, 17 weeks after giving birth

I always knew that my body would be different after giving birth, however, I did not expect my mind to take so long to get used to seeing myself. I know that every woman is different and I'm not so hard on myself anymore.

5. Elanor, 14 weeks after giving birth

The inspiration behind being part of this project is to show those around me that stretch marks and weight gain do not define us, that we should embrace our strength and beauty. I am a young mother with many influential people around me, and together we can see the beauty of motherhood.

6. Chantelle, 11 weeks after giving birth

Currently I love my body. He has done the most amazing thing, and I recognize and honor what has been created in me. Any mark left is a reminder of our trip. I was very lucky because I experienced what could be considered an ideal pregnancy. I have fibromyalgia and the pregnancy hormones made all my pain disappear, which was even more surprising to me.

7. Harriet, 26 weeks after giving birth

I loved the idea of ​​celebrating postpartum bodies. I have always struggled internally with my weight and how I feel about myself. How can I hate my body when it has given me my beautiful baby? My body has done something incredible, and for me that is the most powerful thing. I feel like I'm doing this for moms who wear baggy tops and when they look in the mirror they can say: you're amazing!

8. Louise, 29 weeks after giving birth

I wanted to do this partly because of my self-confidence, to help accept my scars and my new life. Also to put some attention to post-pregnancy diseases and complications.

9. Nardy, 20 weeks after giving birth

Being a large mother is a blessing, and how my body has changed in the last seven years is truly amazing. The hard work to grow a small human and then return to full-time normal function deserves a celebration and gratitude towards my body.

10. Tesha, 26 weeks after giving birth

I was inspired, since celebrating my postpartum body is something I wanted to do on a positive platform. As a woman with darker skin, I rarely feel respected in advertising. I would love to see more varied skin tones. In addition to the normal body types, without the large or curvy labels.

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