10 Weird and ADORABLE things that men and women do make us LOVE


Men of the world, we have learned that under all that muscle and strong and manly appearance, they are tender children who only want to build pillow fortresses and watch superhero movies in their underwear.

Sometimes they are a bit annoying, but they can project their interior into really adorable things that we think are a bit strange but great. In fact, some of the most adorable are also the rarest.

(We know they hate that we call them adorable but, do you know something? We also love that!)

1. When you're a bit socially awkward

It does not matter what others say: if you ask me, can I kiss you? , and you stumble a bit with your words, not only will I find it adorable, I will certainly let you do it.

Please, do not worry about being direct when you ask for my phone number, just hold my hands, look me in the eye and nervously say something like: So, uh, I think you're, uh, really cool, and such We can, em, I do not know, you know: to leave someday? That is the key to winning my heart!

2. When I find you looking at me

Faced with a ray of light, it is even more beautiful. Sometimes you get completely dizzy while you look at me, to the point that you do not even realize that I've already discovered that you're looking at me.

While you take a second to recover, I can not stop laughing at you. Is beautiful. Do it again!

3. When you talk about a really impressive fact

Intelligence is undoubtedly sexy, but when it is so obvious, even if you make it seem accidental, I fall completely exhausted. I hate pretension, but what I do not hate at all is you giving me a little lesson about some impressive historical moment or a recent scientific discovery that I did not know.

Also, if it's casual that you start telling your story (emphasis on hating pretension), it makes you even sexier.

4. When you act a little geek with some things

Am I the only person who is absolutely adorable when a man is obsessed with something a little weird? The only thing he shows is that he has passion without apologizing to himself, and that is something I will never have enough of.

It's even nicer when you talk a lot about that, and you let me ask questions about it. I enjoy it even if it's not so interesting for me; I want to know everything, even the details, although sometimes I do not find the meaning. You can see really geek, but you feel too shy to be.

The way your eyes light up when you talk about what you like so much is undoubtedly the best thing in the world. So, what happens next in that Green Lantern comic? He dies ?!

5. When you hold a baby

This is bigger than anything else, because according to what society has told us and the male and female stereotypes, it is a small vision of what I want in the future. Nothing makes me think more about: I want to have a baby, to see you holding one.

When a baby is lulled with your big man hands, I just go crazy. Of course, in a less creepy and obsessive way than you think (I promise): I just like to imagine what kind of father you would be (a great weakness of our little maternal instinct).

6. When you accidentally flex your muscles in a photograph

I am not stupid, and believe me I can know when you are flexing muscles in a photo so they can be noticed, even if you are subtle. But it's really, really, very cute when you try to pretend that you do not. I'll even make a joke about how good you are, which will probably make you bend even more.

It's really nice when you make any little obvious attempt to impress me. The most obvious is when you're trying to look very strong, that's adorable.

7. When you have a best friend

Nothing is more beautiful than a man who has a best friend and is not ashamed to tell the world about him, especially if he has been friends with the same person for years. It is usually girls obsessing with one or more best friends, but if a boy does, it is completely adorable. That will only make me want to meet your best friend.

It's especially nice when your best friend makes fun of you in a way that I can not understand, because it's usually followed by a somewhat embarrassing story about your days at school. Still, it's fantastic and it makes you adorable.

8. When you let your beard grow to hide your face as a child

I know you are insecure because you do not like the shape of your face and your skin is soft, but that makes it very nice when you try to hide them with your facial hair.

You want to look rough, manly, and I'll let you know, but I'll also laugh a little at how your beard looks, because, you know, if your face is a boy's face then it probably looks a bit out of place. (Just kidding!)

9. When you do not know how to dance or sing, but you try anyway

Do you know who is the boy who is at the party hanging out in the corner and moves a bit out of rhythm with the song that is playing at full volume? The one that teeters on the line between being confident and his desire to run out of the place, but he stays anyway.

It is someone adorable. I mean, of course I would never oppose a guy who really knows how to dance, but it becomes exhausting to keep up with someone with a lot of energy and experience. So it's much more fun to look at you.

10. When your mood is not having humor

If your mood is perfectly dry and expressionless, you will get very far. Give me a good dialogue and you will have won me. I love a good cheesy joke, because I love the jokes, but I love even more that I have to pay attention carefully to be able to understand.

Basically, if I can not define if you're trying to be funny or you're really making fun of me, you're succeeding.

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