10 Ways you MAKE YOUR life more DIFFICULT than it should be


Life is a gift that we can only treasure once, and if you make it more difficult than it is, you will probably regret it when you grow up. Take those old habits that do not allow you to move forward and change them: it's up to you to make your life a simple, less complicated and happy story.

1. You attribute intentions where there are not

Your friend never answered your text message. Your co-worker went to breakfast without you. Everyone can find a reason to be constantly offended. So, what did the others do to make you feel offended? Regardless of your actions, you attributed those bad intentions that many times you do not know.

Happy people do not take such personal things or ascribe intentions to others.

2. You are the star of your own movie

No wonder you think that everyone revolves around you. After all, you have been at the center of all the experiences you have had. You are the star of your own movie, you wrote the script, you know how you want it to develop and you even know how you want it to end.

Unfortunately, you forgot to give the script to someone. As a result, others are not aware of the role they have to interpret. So, when they put their leg in their lines or do not fall in love with you, they stop being your friends or they do not give you the recognition you expect, your movie is ruined.

Lose your script Let someone else be the star from time to time. Welcome new characters and embrace the next plot.

3. You advance fast to the apocalypse

We have a bad habit of moving fast towards the worst possible result and it is a pleasant surprise when the result is slightly better than the total disaster. When your mind unnecessarily focuses on events such as the pain in your throat is cancer, that your credit card fell into the wrong hands and you will be swindled, etc., etc., you create a process of negativity.

Negativity only breeds more negativity, and absorbs your chances of feeling good, of being happy by trusting in life itself and its whys.

4. You have unrealistic expectations

Among the many deficiencies of your family and your friends highlights the harsh reality that they can not read your mind or anticipate your whims. Did your boyfriend forget his six-month anniversary the first time they went out together? Do you constantly forget to call at the time you agreed? Did your friend stop flattering your tattoo, your glasses, your smile?

Unsatisfied expectations are the biggest cause of unhappiness in life. Minimize your expectations and maximize your joy.

5. You are waiting for a signal

I have a friend who does not make any decision without receiving a signal. I guess he's waiting for God's announcement. He is constantly paralyzed by a divinity or, angry and frustrated. I recognize that destiny or a higher power plays a role in our lives, but I think it is better to contribute to shaping our destiny instead of being governed by it.

6. Do not take risks

Live with audacity. Each time they offer to choose a challenge that involves a greater risk for you, take it. You will lose before the eyes of many people, but at the end of your life, when you add them all, you will be glad of what you did.

7. Constantly compare your life with that of others

People often try to compare themselves with each other: for the luxuries they have, for the friendships that surround them, for their appearance and for their life in general. If you do the same, stop!

Always remember the saying of the ex-president of the United States, Teddy Roosevelt: The comparison is the thief of joy.

8. You let other people steal you

If you had a million dollars in cash under the mattress, you would need to take care of it constantly and take precautions to make sure it is safe. Well, it turns out that the only possession more important than money is time, and you do nothing to protect it! In fact, you voluntarily give it to thieves: to selfish and negative people; people who do not shut up and who even judge you.

Treat your time as a jewel that you must protect and share only with those who deserve it and respect it.

9. You can not or do not want to let go

This is becoming increasingly difficult, is not it? It's because sometimes you have to work on happiness. Some obstacles are too difficult because they simply are not adjusted to your way of seeing things, or require your commitment to a positive attitude.

Is it necessary to forgive someone? Is it necessary to turn away from a failed relationship? Is it necessary to accept the death of a loved one? Life is full of losses, but in a sense, true happiness would not be possible without them. They help us appreciate and taste the things that really matter. They help us grow. You can help us help others grow!

The closing seems like a word for people who have never really suffered. But there is no such thing: they try to accept his loss. If you put it in perspective, we will always have some regret and doubt about our losses if you had said this or tried that. When this happens, find someone who understands you and talks to that person. Find support. If your first attempt fails, try it ten times more.

10. Do not give your back

One way to deal with a loss or an unsatisfied life is to get involved in activities to do good, such as volunteering, or helping others in different ways. But first, you must pay attention to your own life, to the good that exists every day in it, committing yourself to live it fully and to leave yourself.

When you turn to see others you do not have to do something big or structured. A kind word is enough, encourage someone, pay a visit to who is alone. Get away from your self-absorption.

There are two types of people in this world: the donors (those who give) and the buyers (who seek to receive). The donors are happy. The buyers are miserable. What are you?

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