10 Ways to know if your boy is crazy about you


Sometimes we wonder if the boy we like or our boyfriend is really in love. It may not seem like it, but there are clear signs to know if a man loves us.

1. Take a serenade

It is cute and very romantic. Some will not do it because of shyness, but it is the classic gesture of love.

2. Surprise yourself

Here he tells any detail, however simple it may be.

3.Plan to the future

Start talking about special moments that you would like to live with you.

4. He loves taking pictures with you

wedding couple taking "selfie" with their cell phone

In addition to taking them, maybe post them on their social networks, or keep them on your cell phone in a special place.

5. Kitchen for you

It does not matter if you know how to do it or not, it's another special detail just for you.

6. Gives you flowers

It does not matter if it's a special date, he likes to surprise you with flowers.

7. Go with you partying

And invites you to be part of their social life.

8. It proposes you to live together

In an advanced and mature stage of the relationship, he tells you that he would like to share a lot more time with you.

9. Kisses you passionately

Kisses that shake you like an electric current and excite you.

10. Your hand is strong

Holding your hand tight is a gesture that says it all: for people who find it difficult to express what they feel, it can be a silent way to manifest their love.

10 Sure Signs a Guy Likes You (January 2021)