10 ultra millennial signs that your relationship is serious


If you have ever sat down to listen to the stories of your mother or grandmother's love, surely you have been told how beautiful the procession was to conquer the heart of a girl: gifts, surprises, serenades, going to the movies holding hands, letters and all those gestures that have been lost little by little over the course of time.

At present, the samples of affection are different, when a boy wants to show how much he loves his girlfriend, they have other details that often go unnoticed, but are just as charming for millennials girls. These are some of the signs that your boy adores you.

1. Have a picture with you on your profile Facebook

This is perhaps the maximum sample of your feelings, letting your friends and family know that you have a relationship is not easy, but the reality is that you die for you.

2. It gives you like to all your publications

If you like a boy you may like some of your publications, but being honest, only a guy really interested in you, will be aware of everything you can think of putting on your wall.

3. You shared your password Netflix

The thing is going well, because he knows that you can see his watch-list and its suggested. Symptom that he really feels attracted to you.

4. They share their lists of Spotify

This is a beautiful way that a boy has to show his feelings, so you can know him and know his tastes, even, why not? You dedicate some of the issues in secret.

5. Your Instagram is for you

Hashtag! He loves you if he spends it publishing photos with you, of each appointment or of everything that reminds you.

6. Share on your wall every time

your Facebook It is full of articles, memes and photographs that you think will make you laugh and so you know you will keep it in mind all the time. In addition, everyone learns every little detail of their relationship, thanks to upload photos of each meeting.

7. Messages all day

The best invention of man according to you is the Whatsapp, because it allows them to stay connected all the time, they are always sending messages of voice and clear, images of everything they see in their path. Also, they are in groups with their friends, this is already a pretty obvious signal.

8. Your address is stored in the agenda of the food delivery people

This is a nice sign that their relationship is on track, both enjoy the junk food they deliver at any time of day, while watching movies or their favorite series.

9. Your address appears right after his in Uber

Maybe the driver already knows exactly where each one lives, because they always spend it coming and going.

10. Bold messages

There is everything in his messages, from the most innocent where they tell what they ate, to the most ardent and provocative, with images included.

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