10 Types of toxic people you should avoid in your life


There are people who have the ability to affect us more than any other factor in the world. Some are unpredictable and even exciting, but others are literally toxic. If you want to live life in the best way possible, it's simple: surround yourself with people who give you positive feelings and emotions and stay away from those who often make you feel bad every time you meet them.

Mentally strong people know and understand the importance and influence that some people have over others, and use it in their favor. When it comes to avoiding harm, the secret is to anticipate and avoid those people who are the worst of the worst.

1. Those who just want to get attention

They are the people who feel the need to be presuming and always try to prove their worth (unfortunately for them, this is the way you know they have little value). Trying to make other people envy you is a waste of time, unless you're trying to feel better at the expense of others.

2. The fool

And we are not talking about the fool who can not help but be, but rather the kind of fool that is the result of an immense ego and voluntary ignorance.

For example, most of us know at least one or two people who continually make bad decisions and do not learn from the mistakes they have made throughout their lives.

3. The opportunist

The example is that friend who always had little money and therefore, when they offered help, he was always willing to accept it. It does not mean that when a friend finds himself in a difficult moment, we do not help him, the problem is that the person adapts to this situation and does not make any effort to improve his economic situation.

4. The lazy

Laziness is a disease, one that is highly contagious. Loose people make other people so. The more time you spend near people who do not do anything, the less you will feel the need to do something and you will be able to observe how your productivity and your general enjoyment of life goes downhill.

5. People with a YOLO mentality

Understanding that you only live once in your life should make you put it in perspective, not that you have to do as much stupidity as you can think of.

In fact, the origin of the term YOLO comes from the phrase You Only Live Once (Only one life once), and refers to using your time doing something meaningful, with a purpose.

6. The talkers

They are those people who talk a lot and do little. A person with a strong mentality does not bother to speak because their actions say it all for themselves. The talkers have nothing but the empty words they say.

7. Those who are constantly depressed

I do not mean those people who really have a mental problem, but those who act as if they had it. People who are always trying to cause pity for how bad they feel with themselves, who complain about how difficult their lives are and how bad luck always follows them.

If your life sucks, guess what? For the most part, it's just your fault.

Do not keep these people close to your life unless you want to become miserable like them.

8. Those who stay in their comfort zone

All those you meet and know in your life are companions on your trip, if only for a few seconds. Those that you keep around you more time end up influencing your life more than you think. If you want to leave your comfort zone, then do not get together with those who are not willing to leave yours.

9. Those who do not dream

People who do not dream, do not live. Life is about believing that things can always get better. Not only for you, but in general. What makes people have a more human condition is to dream, and hope that the changes are always for the better.

Those who do not dream will not let you dream, and they will do everything possible to show that your dreams are just that: dreams.

10. Those who do not believe

Those who do not believe in themselves achieve nothing in life. They are the failures. Those who are there but do not influence the world, who go with the flow and never make the attempt to succeed.

Definitely, do not trust these people when you need support. If you do not believe in yourself, rest assured that much less believe in you.

Skillopedia - 07 types of toxic people you should stay away from - (Improve your Personality) (January 2021)