10 types of toxic people that you should not keep in your life


Have you noticed how quickly time passes? Life goes flying, and in the blink of an eye our best years are being left behind.

What you will do in the future depends largely on the people around you. Or, rather, it depends on the decision you make about the people you want to keep close to. It is not that a person determines your life, but it can influence in a big way to help you grow or stop in one place.

Leaving behind those toxic individuals that are part of your life will make you feel lighter, which will allow you to achieve great things in the future that is to come.

1. People who make your life more stressful

Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. It depends on you the way you want to take it. If you think it's bad, then it will be. On the other hand, if you use stress as an impulse that motivates you to act, then being in a stress situation will be quite healthy.

However, this must occur only for some situations, and not for people. If there are people in your life who constantly make your life more stressful, think that stress is the way your brain is trying to tell you that you should remove those people from your life (which is already quite stressful on its own) .

2. The people who use you

To be honest, everyone uses people, and usually is fine. That is what life is about, to relate to others in order to seek mutual benefit. If it were not like that, then we would not have a sufficient reason to interact with other people.

The problem is in letting people into our lives who use us in a way that ends up hurting us. They are those individuals who use you and then leave you; They try to benefit only by feeding on you as if they were a parasite.

These kinds of people are the ones that have no place in your life.

3. People who do not respect you

Respect works in the following way: a respectful person deserves to get the same back. If you realize that in your life there are one or several people who have difficulty giving you the respect you deserve, then you should let them go.

Respect yourself enough not to allow someone not to do it.

4. People who always manage to hurt you

We can all be a bit silly at times: the people who are part of our life are the ones who really matter to us (or at least, that should be the case), but some of them, unfortunately, end up hurting us and causing us pain.

The problem is that, when they hurt us, we automatically remember how much they mean to us and we realize that if we allow them to hurt us emotionally, it is because we also care what they think of us, so we allow them to continue within our lifetime.

People hurt others, it is also a way in which the world works, but if in your life you find a person who can not stop hurting you, then do yourself a favor and cut off any relationship with him or her.

5. People who only lie to you

Everybody lies. In fact, even if you have just met a person, most likely, he or she has already told you a lot of lies. Most lies are harmless, but everything changes when the person lying to you is someone you trust fully.

The best thing is that you fill your life with people you trust, so you'll be much better.

6. People who smile at you from the front but attack you from behind

These, definitely, are the worst people. They are so cowardly that they do not have the courage to say what they think straight. These individuals enjoy making you believe they are your friends, but when you turn around, they tell everyone that you are not good for anything.

They can ruin your reputation and, as most of us already know, reputation is something that matters a lot in the world in which we live. Only a truly foolish person can continue with this kind of beings in his life.

7. People who love to pretend that you care

Everyone, at some point in our lives, we have met people who act as if they were our friends, just because it is convenient for them.

These types of individuals are better known as pseudo friends: you have an amazing time with them, you have fun he or she is willing to accept your help, but when you need them, they strangely disappear. These individuals are especially toxic because when you think you can lean on them, they let you fall.

8. People who want you to be like before

Life is only interesting and exciting when it is in constant progress. Only when we find ourselves moving forward, seeking to improve ourselves and our environment. This is how we can find joy and happiness.

Most people have someone in their life who clings to them to be as before. Even though you have worked hard to change and move on, these individuals prefer you to be the way you used to be, and they will do everything possible to get you back to where you worked so hard to get out.

9. People who do not let you advance

There is a very big truth in life, something that is not especially pleasant. However, you have to accept it as such: many people in your life that you call friends, should not continue to be part of your life.

As time passes, we change as people. Our hopes and goals change, leaving behind some relationships.

Probably and this is the most difficult thing most of the people in your life do not want to continue being part of the future that you are building for yourself.

Often, people can not create the life of their dreams because they are surrounded by people who point to a totally different side. If your goals are not aligned with those of someone else, their lives will not be either.

10. People who are simply occupying a space

Everything in life is limited. Resources, time, space, are limited. Everything you can achieve during your life is limited. We can not and we will never be able to do everything.

That's why you have to be very careful with what you should and should not do.

You can only have a certain number of strong relationships, because you simply do not have the time, energy or mental concentration to handle more.

If you are filling your life with people with whom you have a half-relation, then you are obliged to live your life half-heartedly. If someone is not completely inside your life, then start to leave it completely out of it.

Try to build an intimate circle of friends that are there for you at all times.

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