10 Types of flowers, in addition to roses, that women want to receive one day


Most women love flowers. They are a detail that will never go out of style, because it means romanticism and love at its best. So there is no better way to conquer and rejoice the day than with a flower.

Flowers speak for themselves, and each species means something different. Although we love roses, you should also know that there are endless options to give, so pay attention and surprise that special person with a nice touch.

1. Sunflower

Sunflowers are large, colorful flowers, and undoubtedly attract attention. In the language of flowers means I admire you. If you give sunflowers you will be telling those people that it is beautiful and how much you admire it.

2. Begonia

Begonias are flowers with a very delicate and beautiful appearance. In the language of flowers means: be careful, I am eccentric. Depending on the color of the begonia is what you will be saying to that person; For example: if you give away pink and white begonias, what you are expressing to that person is that their love is going from strength to strength; On the other hand, if you give orange or red begonias you will be expressing that the friendship you have with that person is strong, passionate and will last a long time.

3. Camellia

Camellia is a flower associated with love. Depending on the color is its meaning. Red camellia means unconditional love, passion and sexual desire; the rose means trust and desire to seduce through romanticism and sensuality; and white has to do with innocent and childlike love.

4. Margarita

The margaritas are perfect to give to a girl when the conquest begins; It is a flower that expresses romanticism. And if you give one, what you are saying to that person is: you are the most beautiful, I love you. According to the color of the daisy is also the meaning, white is ideal if you try to seduce and conquer the girl you like.

5. Clavel

The carnation is a very beautiful flower, but you must be very careful when giving it away, because its meaning is not very romantic. If the carnation is for the loved one, then it should go in pink or red, because these two colors mean love, passion and desire.

6. Orchid

There are different types of orchids, but whatever they are, they are beautiful and worth giving as gifts. In the language of flowers, the orchid symbolizes seduction and sensuality. If you give orchids you will be telling that person how much you want it.

7. Tulip

Tulips are flowers with a unique shape and that makes them so special. They mean sincere love and in the language of flowers they are a declaration of love at its best. If you want to conquer the girl of your dreams, it is best to give them multicolor, white, yellow or red tulips.

8. Gerbera

Gerberas are one of the most beautiful flowers that exist. There are vibrant and varied colors and are ideal to brighten the day to the girl you want. This flower means innocence, purity and joy.

9. Gardenias

If you want to give a flower that floods with a beautiful aroma the room of the girl you like, the gardenias are the indicated ones. This flower has an incomparable aroma and symbolizes purity and sweetness.

10. Lilis

Lilies are also known as lilies, lilies or lilies; and it is a flower that is related to love and passion. The lilies have a very peculiar smell and an exotic shape that will attract the attention of the girl you love.