10 Types of bad guys that always end up falling in love

Women know the kind of man we should be with to have a happy relationship. But, guess what? We always let him go and we are left with the boy who will break our hearts.

We usually choose the bad guy instead of the good guy, as if some law of the universe dictates this terrible decision. Even though we know that the good guy could be our wisest choice, the rude types attract us as a magnet and there is nothing that can take us away from them.

The maniac

This boy can be fan of sadism and puppies at the same time, their defect has become their best weapon of seduction. He is an expert in unusual dating, he makes spontaneous decisions and there are no forbidden things.

The narcissist

It is better than others in many ways: on the outside, inside and in general. But in reality the only thing that interests him is his reflection in the mirror, not his girlfriend or their relationship.

He who flees

Success follows him wherever he goes, attracts women like a magnet, but in his heart there is only room for one. Unfortunately, he flees from formal relationships.

The one who pity

Do not judge him, he's just an unfortunate boy. People do not understand it, their childhood was difficult and the world in general is against them. His life moves you, you can not help but consent and do everything he asks you to do.

The alpha male

It presumes of its tastes and likings, carries with pride its masculinity, is a little aggressive and persistent, it does not support that they attack it to him or its woman.

The scholar

He knows all the secret of the universe, he can teach you many things, but only he is right.

The adventurer

Love travel and new activities, do not know boredom, have friends anywhere in the world. Although it seems fantastic, you can not trust him, his sense of adventure takes him to risk without analyzing the situation before.

The casanova

He is a professional in the field of seduction. The girls are a hobby for him, he first falls in love with them and then leaves them to continue with his next conquest.

The liar

His imagination has led him to be a professional in the lies, it is impossible to unmask him because he always has a new story to tell.

The undecided

Although he could be the perfect husband, he does not go from words to actions. Everything you want to do stays in your mind.

Falling In Reverse - "Good Girls Bad Guys" (September 2020)