10 Twitter users share the absurd stories they believed about children


The innocence of children is impressive and also very fun. Only they are capable of creating unique worlds, stories full of supernatural incidents and even imaginary friends. Perhaps that is why many recommend that we let out our child spirit from time to time.

The user of Twitter @turbojedi He did a little research to find out what absurd myths his followers believed when they were children. The stories are so funny that they went viral and reached thousands of I like it. Do you want to read the most popular? Swipe down so you can enjoy them.

1. Education first and foremost

2. Not because it is old, its content is different

3. How would you do to stabilize?

4. Maybe the actor had a giratiempo like Hermione's

5. I wish this was true

6. Who gives napkins to eat their children!

7. I just took out the tape and wrote the scenes in it

8. The same thing I felt with the parents of Vaca and Pollito

9. Maybe he stayed with a third part

10. The same thought but with the wood chips

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