10 Tips that are perfect for when your heart is broken; they will make you feel better


We live, we enjoy and we especially suffer love in different ways. The advice of those who seek to lighten this burden are not always useful; the demons stalk you at night looking for a bit of nostalgia to feed and take you back to the pain, especially when they have broken your heart.

The only way to eliminate them will be by focusing on yourself. That's right, no matter how painful your break is, do not abandon yourself, only you can save yourself. Therefore we show you 10 things that although they will not completely heal your heart, at least they will make you feel better.

1. Give yourself a break

Surely being with your partner absorbed most of your time and came to neglect a little your physical appearance. Now it's time to pamper yourself in a spa And stop thinking about that person, focus on yourself.

2. Change of look

With your new bachelorhood, give yourself the opportunity to experience different trends as hair contouring, swag or long bob. Choose the one that complements your personality.

3. Go out with your friends

The talks with friends are usually too sentimental. But, if you want to hear the truth with a touch of humor, go for a walk with your friends.

4. Wear sexy lingerie

Wearing this type of garment will make you feel bold and beautiful, no matter that nobody sees it. You will notice your attitude change throughout the day.

5. Flirt

But subtly, either crossing looks or smiles, with handsome boys and without looking for anything serious at the moment.

6. Buy new clothes

Alone or in the company of your best friend, go for that pair of shoes that you liked so much. Although thinking about it, you will have to add a new outfit for that footwear.

7. Jogging

Put on your best sports attire and go out and do some jogging. Exercise helps you clear your mind and release endorphins.

8. Smile

Leave the sadness of the moment and smile to whomever you want. In addition to raising your mood, a smile is the best accessory you can wear to look beautiful.

9. Write

Plasma everything you feel or what you did not say. Do it honestly, it will serve as an outlet.

10. Forgive

Let go of all those bad emotions because it's not just about being good on the outside, but also on the inside.

10 Ways To Deal With A Broken Heart (January 2021)