10 Things your older sister will NEVER dare to confess


They say that everyone talks about the party as it goes and in the case of the older sisters do not have it as easy as you could imagine. When you are the youngest sister in the family, you have to listen not only to your parents but also to your older sister.

And although the idea of ​​it being on you all the time is not at all pleasant, the truth is that she also has the pressure to be the example of her brothers all the time and sometimes it becomes overwhelming. It is a weight that is often difficult to carry and there are things that you have never said, as you will read below.

1. They always reminded him that he is the greatest

Your parents were responsible for telling you all the time you had to be assertive and intelligent, even responsible for your younger siblings. When you were a baby I could not make noise to sleep your nap and watched you from afar when you knew you had differences with that girl in the room. They really were many responsibilities.

2. She knew you would make mistakes

He gave you advice because he had more experience, but he was aware that you would still make mistakes. As much as she was always willing to help you, I knew that you would have to deal with some situations on your own, and there were times when I just watched you from afar and let things flow. At the end of the day, he was always there to support you and comfort you when necessary.

3. I was trying to be a good role model for you

I might not like your crazy friends very much, because even as a young man, he had to learn to make his decisions with a lot of conscience, almost like an adult, because he knew that it was very likely that you would follow in his footsteps. What you probably do not know is that you motivated her all that time to be better every day.

4. He grew up under strict rules

It was the first daughter in the family and the only one for some time. With it your parents learned to be one and it was not easy, because they really did not know what they were doing. They had the fear of making mistakes and therefore established very strict rules that initially applied only in it. When they had you, they already had more knowledge and were more flexible.

5. Sometimes you did not do it easy

And you were a headache for her, because she had to deal with a complicated relationship with your parents, the problems of that age and the first conflicts with their friends, all on their own. When you went through the same thing, he shared his experiences to help you and many times you were hard, stubborn and irritating. However, I tried not to pay much attention to those details and continued protecting you and taking care that you did not get into trouble.

6. It had to be hard

And that caused you to think that your problems did not really matter, but it was just the opposite. I tried to motivate you when you had to concentrate and act for yourself, and over time you realized that it helped you a lot more than if you had treated only with mimes.

7. It helped your parents understand you

He had to mediate between them and you when necessary. Even when you were not right, he always tried to explain the causes of your behavior.

8. Sometimes I did not know what to do

She represented many roles in your life: she was a teacher, bodyguard and friend. The truth is that most of the time he had no idea what he was doing, but in spite of that, he controlled himself and tried to solve as best he could.

9. When you started dating, you were there

At the time you were a teenager, he gave you advice about the guys, how to combine your clothes and little makeup tricks to make you feel prettier. With great patience, she answered the interminable interrogations of your parents who asked about your strange behavior and was the happiest when she saw you excited, although she never stopped worrying about the day when someone broke your heart.

10. Always willing to help you

She knows that it is the first person you would call in an emergency and knowing that you trust her fully makes her very happy. He will always come to your rescue and try to solve your problem as if it were his. Your older sister loves you like nobody else in the world, love her in the same way because she really deserves it.

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