10 things your daughter should know when she turns 10


Being a mother implies a great commitment. Our job as parents is to help shape the life of our daughter, but how do you explain to a girl that she is growing and that she should have more responsibility for herself?

It is not easy, however, in PinkMyRide we leave you a list of things that you must explain before 10.

1. That you love her

It does not matter all the situations in which you have disagreed or the times you have shouted for no reason. She must know that she is the center of your universe: tell her constantly that you love her.

2. To cook

Given the closeness of adolescence and the need for independence, you must know how to prepare at least one sandwich. Eggs, pasta, sandwiches, among other things. Have fun with your daughter at snack time.

3. That physical changes are about to come

Your little one must be prepared. The physical changes of adolescence are about to overwhelm her. In addition, you must begin to understand that hormonal changes are difficult in a woman.

4. That drugs exist (and their damages)

No matter where you live, the latest studies on initiation in the world of narcotics indicate that it may occur from 10 years. Show him how dangerous they are and make him see that it is illegal will form a better criterion of what he wants in his life.

5. Some things about life

Your child is at the age when things no longer see them as rosy, that is, before they listen and form a criterion based on other opinions on topics such as death and even their lifestyle; the best thing is that you tell him about it.

6. To be grateful

She should know that not everyone in the world is fortunate to have what she has at that moment. Instilling the sense of humility will be important and will make her understand the need to give thanks.

7. That money does not grow on trees

Nothing is free in life. The time has come to encourage the routine of saving. Granting small responsibilities in exchange for some coins is a way to start with a practice that will be very useful as an adult.

8. That appearance is important

Dressing appropriately for each event will shape your style and the image you will have in your life. A neat and groomed woman will always be welcome anywhere.

9. That not everyone is nice

When your daughter is probably in the fourth grade, she will begin to know the drama and mutter about other people. The time has come to inculcate respect for other people and ask them to avoid speaking ill of their classmates. Help him to create conscience.

10. That life is not easy

Explain that as life grows the challenges will be greater, however, nothing is impossible. Inculcate faith in herself and her family. Life can be very cruel but with perseverance and doing things the right way you will get a lot. You must be prepared for what is to come.

Helping children is the most important role in our lives as parents. These 10 tips can be a basis that supports the character with which your daughter will take life once adolescence.

10 Important Things Your Child Should Learn by Age 10 (January 2021)