10 Things you DO NOT want to ever get when you are a girl's DAD


Most dads establish a more special relationship of affection, understanding and complicity with their daughters. They become important models of trust and acceptance that will help them grow as more self-confident women.

Adolescence is a stage in which your doubts begin and it will be normal for a distancing to be generated. As a father it is difficult to accept these changes, but you should know that if they have adequate communication during this stage, if there is patience and tolerance and you remain at their side, she will recover all the admiration and love for you.

1. That one day I tell you I hate you

Being a strict father and having to teach him that in life things are not easy will be a difficult task, it is part of what you will have to teach him.

Maybe by a tantrum I tell you I hate you, Even though you know that it is not true and that it will soon pass away, it will still hurt you in the depths of your soul.

2. That she becomes a young lady

It will reach an age when you will know that officially it is no longer a girl, and you will worry about the next years because you know that she is becoming a beautiful woman and that the boys will persecute her from now on.

3. To spend more time with your friends than with you

It is normal to start having friends and start making your life, although distancing is something you do not get used to. You will always have the comfort that she will return when she is mature.

4. To be ashamed that you kiss her in public

She has always been and will be your princess, and you still remember those days when she was little and you filled her with kisses and she did the same. When you grow up there will come a time when you may feel a little bit of grief and you will feel that a piece of your heart will break.

5. The day you introduce your first boyfriend

You have always been afraid that the time will come when I introduce you to your first boyfriend. You will feel that you want to kill the guy who claims to be, but your love for her is bigger and you can only smile while you cry inside seeing that she wants a man other than you. Your happiness will always be more important.

6. Know that your sex life has begun

It is a moment that will come, even if you do not want to accept it. The most certain thing is that it is not something that she announces to everyone, but you will suspect it and you will not be able to avoid worrying. You will want to kill all the men in the world in order to keep her safe.

7. That you realize that you do not need you as much as before

It will become an independent woman, that's what you always wanted but you never thought it would hurt so much. You know she will always need you and one day she will call to tell you to help her with something she can not do.

8. May I come to ask for your hand

You have prayed to all the saints so that this moment never arrives or that it is delayed as much as possible, but you know that it will still come. You want to tell that guy no, but you'll swallow your courage when you see his smile next to him.

9. The day of your wedding

Seeing her dressed in white, you will tell her a thousand times that you will not cry, yet your defenses will fall and your tears will appear like that day when you held her in your arms for the first time.

10. Become old and know that one day you will leave her

You have always been by her side, you have seen her grow, mature and make her own life, and you know that you have done a good job, but the day will come when you will leave her forever, however, you will leave satisfied because you know she is happy .

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