10 things you deserve the next time you fall in love, no less


We have all had a love disappointment, and although it is painful, having a broken heart is not so bad. This is how we come to discover what we expect from the person with whom we want to share the rest of our lives.

When someone disappoints us we are afraid to start again, sometimes we feel that we do not deserve anything good, but you are wrong. These are the things you deserve when you fall in love again after a failure of love.

1. You deserve someone who listens to you

You deserve to have a person by your side who listens to what you have to say, not only to hear it, but to really pay attention to every detail. Someone to whom you can tell your plans, your dreams, your day to day, your frustrations and even the most insignificant thing; and still show interest.

2. You deserve a person who makes the best team with you

A relationship is always two. You deserve a person who is 50 percent of your relationship, no less than that. Someone to do his part, to make an effort because things work, to go hand in hand with you and not to flee before the first difficulty.

3. You deserve someone who has details with you

The details are what they love and should never be lost. We do not talk about material details, but about those simple little things that someone can do for you; from a simple message of good morning princess, to accompany you shopping or somewhere that interests you.

4. You deserve someone to make you cry but happy

No person deserves to make you cry unless it's happiness. You only deserve that.

5. You deserve someone stable

With stable we refer to someone who is not changeable, who loves you always and not one day yes and the other does not. You deserve someone who makes you feel secure in their love.

6. You deserve someone who respects your space

Despite being in a relationship, we are all individual beings, do not let anyone take away that. You deserve someone who understands your space, but above all that respects it. That supports you in your hobbies, accept your friends and family and understand that he is not the only person in your life.

7. You deserve someone who blindly trusts you

One of the fundamental pillars of a relationship is trust. You deserve someone who blindly trusts you and what you feel.

8. You deserve someone to show you their feelings

There is nothing prettier than someone to show what he feels for you. If you do happy, I'll show you, tell you how much I love you, do not be afraid to cry, I can express what bothers you, do not be afraid to be judged if you are vulnerable to you.

9. You deserve someone who is a gentleman with you

Chivalry must never die. A romantic man, who opens the car door, who tells you how beautiful you look, who takes you by the hand when they walk down the street, that's the only thing you deserve.

10. You deserve someone who is proud of you

That presumes that you are his girlfriend and do not feel ashamed to shout from the rooftops what he feels for you.

How to Forget What You Feel and Remember What You Deserve - Relationship Advice (October 2020)