10 Things that turned a man into a gentleman They should come back!


The concept of a gentleman has been left behind. We can all notice that many men have changed their behavior. And maybe those ideas that being a gentleman is sexist, or that men and women should be treated equally, are some of the reasons why that was left aside.

Being chivalrous is something that every man must recover, since women deserve to be treated in a special way.

Therefore, we share 10 things that men can apply to return to their chivalry.

1. Be honest with what you want

Women are not objects, but individuals. You can not use it and then leave it. If you're interested in a relationship with her, or just hanging out together, then you should let her know from your first date.

2. If you know that it will not work, do not go ahead

Often men are still in a relationship just for not making their partner feel bad; however it is always better to clarify your feelings from the beginning.

The important thing is that no one loses his time or she makes false illusions.

3. Listen to her when she speaks

Find interest in their conversations; be polite. You will love knowing that you can exchange views and opinions.

4. Respect your opinions

Give her her space when she asks for it; he respects his wishes, even when it is difficult. Even if you are in love, she is not part of you.

5. Respect your privacy

The privacy of both is fundamental in a relationship, because one must be aware that trust is important. A gentleman does not have the need to delve into the personal things of his partner.

6. Provide support in your difficult times

Being a gentleman is not just about opening the car door or paying the bill; Your girlfriend deserves special treatment. Being a gentleman implies being kind, affectionate; someone with whom she can count on in any situation, however hard it may be.

7. Avoid lying to you

Honesty is the basis of every relationship. Lies ruin trust and question the duration of the relationship.

8. Make her feel special

Everyone wants to feel special. What does a gentleman do to make his girl feel special? It's not just about feeding your ego; small details from time to time do not fail.

9. Protect it; give you security

For the woman it is important to keep the danger out of her life, and as a man, your job is to protect her. It is not always about keeping her safe, but about making her feel safe.

10. Do not abandon it before time

It is one thing to end the relationship when it is necessary and another to abandon your partner in the midst of a situation that does not allow you to see things clearly. Do not let your fears get in the way.

A true gentleman does not abandon the relationship just when both feel more involved or when they have reached a certain commitment.

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