10 things that people who really LOVE HIS LIFE do differently


I tell you a secret? Happy people do not have a different life than yours, they only live in a different way because they appreciate more what they have than those who are always upset.

Happiness is the result of what we perceive, and how we perceive things is a choice. Although most of the times the situations (good and bad) in which we find ourselves are the product of our decisions, it is the way in which we live that makes us happy or unhappy.

These are some things that distinguish those who feel better and love their lives.

1. They do things because they want to, not because they have to do them

Happy people think they do not have to do anything out of obligation, except maybe pay taxes or die, of course. Everything else is a decision followed by an action. For example, if they want to go to a place, it is exactly what they do.

No one cheats them or forces them to do any kind of activity and their own opinion is more important to them than others. They do what they think is right and do not bother asking permission. They do things to their liking.

2. They do not bother to like people, simply because they do not need it

They like themselves and that is important. You can love them or hate them, but they do things because they decided to do them, without claiming the approval or acceptance of the people. They look for their lives to be fair and timely.

3. They love their friends, but they do not trust blindly in them

Happy people have good friends, however, they like to maintain their independence. They do not trust blindly because they avoid disappointments when something does not turn out as expected.

4. They do not explain what happens in their lives

They carry out projects and jobs in order to have the life they have always wanted, they do not tell others about them to applaud them or solve their problems. The real trick is that these kinds of people do not expect things to work out on their own.

5. Live the moment

Happy people tend to move from one place to another. They see the world as a home where there are multiple possibilities to establish themselves, and they will not regret it. They enjoy experiences to the fullest and accept that what you live in the moment determines how happy you are.

6. They have their own philosophy of life

They do not have a book to know how to live life. We can all live life by the philosophy we want to follow, as long as we find what keeps us satisfied.

7. They know they will not live forever

They know they are mortal, and accept every step they take. They live according to their terms and although they know that they can not control the moment of their death, they can control their own life.

8. Live with their present, and dream of their future

They have hopes, dreams and goals like any other person. They do not let their desires and aspirations escape. But although no one can live life without looking to the future, they do not lose the satisfaction of living the only moment where really important things happen.

9. They see the world as if it were a play

They do not believe that there is only one reality in the world, that is why they are the creators of their own version. They have the ability to choose for the simple fact that they can understand things differently and thanks to that they can build what they most want.

10. They do not want to change people; they learn to deal with them

It is a complete waste of time to want to change other people; People change but they do it of their own free will. Those who love their lives learn to accept others and know that they are the ones who change their interior or exterior.

Instead of wasting time trying to do the impossible, why not take advantage of it in a better way?

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