10 Things that instead of making you look PRETTY, they make you see RIDICULA

At some point in our lives, we have all gone through awkward moments because of our bad tino when we choose clothes, accessories and even makeup.

As they say: fashion is what suits you and less is more. Once these popular phrases are understood, let's try to look nice avoiding excesses.

1. Exaggerated false nails

The decorated acrylic nails are a nice accessory and make us look flirtatious, however, using them too long and with ornate decoration could be classless.

2. Too much makeup

If you just start in this to highlight your beauty with makeup, it is common for you to make some mistakes. Ideally, always look for naturalness, even when you seek to deepen or mark any of the areas of your face. Do not saturate it with color, because you will look ridiculous and even look older, as these young actresses have done.

3. Accessories to spare

Although fashion hippie is back, it is not necessary to hang up to the molcajete. You could remember the Christmas tree or a street vendor.

4. Shoes too high

The most common mistake women make is to use a megatacon with which we can not walk afterwards. If you definitely love platforms and big heels, do not worry, to wear those beautiful sneakers in public, take a pair of spare low shoes.

5. Shorts, miniskirts and hats

To see you beautiful, you have to know what you have left, and definitely these clothes, with which you think you'll see super fashionThey are not for everyone.

6. Transparencies in clothing

Transparencies are what in of 2015. The difference between looking ridiculous and looking sexy is what you use below and how you use it. Avoid being too obvious.

7. Gel to comb

Please, do not use the gel as a styler for difficult hair or to achieve a style wet. In the 90s it was fashionable, but, no more! The foams and silica will give you a more natural look, decrease the excess volume and you can wear that healthy hair.

8. False eyelashes

Using them is an excellent resource to highlight your eyes, but do not use them too big unless you are a carnival dancer. The ideal size is 5 millimeters larger than yours from the tips, approximately.

9. Leggings

If you are overweight or simply you are marked some slices in some of the parts that the leggings They will cover, better not put them on. Only girls with excellent figure can wear them and look very good.

10. Smoking

The healthiest thing is that you did not do it, but if you smoke, try not to do it just to get attention or want to look bigger. There is nothing more ridiculous than seeing a woman pretending something that is not, because it shows. Smoking for smoking, also takes away style and every time there are fewer smokers.

Remember that there is no need to stereotype beauty. All women are beautiful, but the ideal of your beauty lies in that you highlight what you like about you and that you feel comfortable with that decision.