10 Things that all women have done when we are or live alone


Living alone is an incredible experience. You know that you still have many experiences to live and that feeling is unparalleled, in addition, since you are no longer subject to the minimum rules of daily coexistence with another human being, loneliness has become one of your most precious treasures.

On the other hand, you begin to behave differently when you live alone, almost without realizing it. By not having another human being near you, you establish your own habits and suddenly you find yourself doing things unknown until that moment, like these:

1. Instant soups are the salvation

And you become expert in all types of frozen, canned, instant or pre-cooked food. There are days when you do not feel like cooking and any of these options saves you from any paperwork to eat.

2. Test the capacity of the trash can

The truth, who is going to be pending all the time to take out the garbage every day?

3. You become serial-addicted

Netflix has become your savior and executioner. You can be whole nights and full weekends stuck to the screen, in a state of total alienation with a series.

4. You become a musical actress

Come on, Beyoncé would pale by your side. Now you do not have to worry about someone watching you while you dance like there's no tomorrow.

5. You eat in bed while watching TV

Pleasure of pleasures. Yes, your bedroom will smell food. Y?

6. Who said clothes?

And there is no more liberating feeling. Of course, the ideal is that you do not live in a seismic zone, because if not, what a pity.

7. On Sundays you do not exist

It's that simple You lock up from the night before and the only activity you have is to get up in the kitchen for food, because why leave when you have an Internet connection and food?

8. Goodbye rules

Direct shots of the wine bottle or the milk container, as your grandfather would have liked.

9. You pick up objects with your feet

Sometimes it is good to avoid unnecessary fatigue.

10. Get out bra!

It's the first thing you do as soon as you get home, because until then you really rest. That and because your girls also need to breathe.

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