10 Things that ALL men should know about the period of WOMEN


During our period a series of changes caused by hormones, which make women go crazy a little and men do not know how to react.

Boyfriends and friends, take note, these annoying outbursts only last a few days during which you can help us if you understand a little about what we went through. These are the main symptoms. I hope it helps them to have a little patience.

1. Cravings or excessive hunger

During these days, most women consume chocolate, which helps relaxation and calm colic.

2. Discomfort

In our days women have the constant fear that our pants will get dirty, so if your girl asks you all the time if you can look, cooperate a little and do it. She will thank you.

3. Mood changes

During menstruation, hormones such as estrogen and progesterone become mismatched, which is why our mood changes. Remember that your girl needs all your love and patience!

4. Swelling

A few days before our period arrives, women retain liquids, making us feel bloated. Ideally, you should remind her that she is beautiful, but above all, you should pamper her.

5. Stomach problems

The cause of the pain is due to the contractions that the uterus suffers. If he asks you not to leave during those days, it is because he may not feel totally well. Not all women experience them, but for those who do, it is really annoying.

6. Colic

If you want to make her happy, place a hot compress on her lower abdomen. You can take advantage of that wellness time to prepare popcorn and enjoy a movie together.

7. Acne

It usually occurs before or during the menstrual cycle. Those annoying pimples, affect our mood and self-esteem. Tell her what you love about her, and so you will distract her attention from her appearance.

8. Breast hypersensitivity

It is very common that most women have pain and swelling in the breasts, which causes us not tolerate any contact.

9. Emotional sensitivity

We will be more sensitive and everything, absolutely everything, can make us feel affected or it will make us cry. You are not the culprit, they are our hormones.

10. Dream

We want to sleep constantly because the pains that menstruation causes exhaust us. So if she asks you to let her sleep, do it: you will earn a thousand points in front of her

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