10 Things I would have liked to KNOW 10 years ago. Especially 8!


In the course of life, nobody teaches us how to do things. We learn alone, based on falls and failures, and sometimes we would like to have a mentor to show us the way.

Marc and Angel Chernoff are a couple of passionate writers who share advice and life counseling on their blog. They have concluded that with only 10 things that we learn as early as possible, we can avoid pain and confusion in our lives. Here we have them for you.

1. Loving someone should not mean losing yourself

True love gives you power, it does not erase you. It allows human beings to build amazing things, working together through passion, goodwill and goodness. So you must be strong enough to know how to be alone, and know how to be yourself to be able to remain you, even when you are in someone's company. You must also be wise to share your love when the time comes to be with someone.

2. Revenge does not help to get ahead

You can never get ahead and overcome the damage that someone did to you if you are trying to seek revenge. Sometimes we do not forgive people because they deserve it, we forgive them because they need it; but even more important is that we also need to forgive so we can move forward without him or without him. To forgive is to rediscover inner peace and return to pursue the goal or objectives that you thought someone took away when they hurt you.

3. You attract what you give to the world

So if you want to get something, then worry about giving. Happiness, freedom and peace of mind are always achieved when you give to others without expecting anything in return. He who blesses others is greatly blessed; those who help others will be helped. Remember that you have two hands: one to help yourself and another to help those around you.

4. Failure is success when you learn from it

Experience is what you get when you do not get what you want. The obstacles, the problems and other people can not stop you. The barriers are only temporary, they come and go. That is why, throughout your life, the only barrier that can really stop you is you. So never give up. Remember that sometimes it is necessary to travel through hell on earth to find paradise, also in it.

5. You are not what you have done: you are what you have won

All difficulties, mistakes, rejections, pain. All the times you have questioned why. All these things are those that have given you wisdom and the strength that helps you to shine with your own light in the world, even in the darkest moments.

6. Your past can only hurt you today if you allow it

Do not listen to the whispers of the past if all you are doing is talking badly about what the present has to offer you. Sometimes, to overcome bitterness, it is necessary to cling to happiness, without permission and without reason. The only way to overcome the past is to leave it behind. If you spend most of your time reliving moments that are gone forever, chances are you miss out on the special moments that are to come.

7. It's never too late to become the person you are capable of being

Repeat this: I am free. You can fulfill your purpose in life, beginning now, at this very moment. The purpose of life is not simply to be happy, but it is the raw material to be productive, useful, to make some kind of difference. Always remember that life is a constant change, but growth is optional. Take the best decision from now on.

8. Passion is important

If you are caught between your dreams and what other people think is best for you, always choose the path that makes you happy unless you want everyone to be happy, except you. And whatever you do, do not chase the money. Take back your ideas and the activities that make you feel alive. Go for the things of greater value: those that money can not buy. Use them to create a profession that you are passionate about.

9. The pain is worth it

You really can not begin to appreciate life until it has knocked you down a couple of times. Nor can you appreciate love until your heart is broken. You can not appreciate happiness without first having known sadness. You have to fight to climb the hillside to appreciate the breathtaking view that has the top of the mountain.

10. Sometimes what you do not want is what you need

Sometimes things that can not be changed end up becoming someone better. Learn to master your responses to external events: do not just try to control them. You will rarely end up exactly where you wanted to be, but you will always end up exactly where you need to be.

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