10 Things for which it is better to be your partner than your boyfriend

Maybe we have been wrong to believe that the term couple is the same as boyfriend (or girlfriend), but it is not. A couple is the person with whom you already share a large part of your life, in a mature and responsible way. Courtship refers more to walking with someone between secondary and career. Present the other half of your relationship as your partner shows respect; lets understand that they try to lead a life together which includes adversity, boredom, incomprehension, insecurities and fears.

I hope that with the following differences it becomes clearer when someone is a boyfriend and when a couple.

1. A couple is really your best friend

Being in a relationship does not mean that they forget their friendships, but above all, it means that one another is fun and trustworthy.

2. A boyfriend will be a night of romp over the weekend, while your partner will be with you at dawn

While with your boyfriend the charm will disappear in the night (or early morning), your partner will be at your door to take a bike ride and see a beautiful sunrise.

3. Your partner will plan something special for your birthday

It will take time to plan it and then enjoy it together. A boyfriend will buy nothing more than a gift and will accompany you to the party that you planned.

4. A boyfriend will share his tastes of television or video games, but he will reserve important things

Your partner will entrust you with what he does not share with anyone. Know that you are the only person who will strive to understand sincerely.

5. Your partner likes to caress you and not because he wants sex

You can put your arm around your waist, your neck, or even hug in a tender way, it does not matter that there are people present: your partner associates that with happiness.

If a boyfriend does, perhaps he has in mind that in a period of no more than 30 minutes they will have sex.

6. A couple is going to kiss you before going to work

It is easy to see very romantic boyfriends in restaurants, or dancing in a club, but usually their love shows seek something in return. However, a couple will show you their love when they get tired of work and remember to tell you how much they love you.

7. Your partner is interested in knowing you for real

A couple knows a lot of your life, and this includes professional and work issues: both know they can ask the other for advice if they need it.

A boyfriend does not know exactly what your job is, he will only say something that resembles him in a fairly broad category that may sound good.

8. Your partner can be sarcastic, but he knows exactly when to shut up.

A boyfriend does not pay attention to when it's enough or annoying for you, and it's time to close your mouth.

9. You will discover your partner smiling when he looks at you and thinks you do not realize

He can not help it, he is totally in love. And that will draw you to him while they sleep.

10. A couple is going to get excited about the things that make you happy

Your partner will be happy with you with what excites you. In fact, he knows that they can find a way to enjoy it together.

A boyfriend does it, but he can use it in the future as a reproach for the sacrifices he has made for you.

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