10 Text messages that you should never, for any reason, send to a boy


Although we always do it with the best intention, sometimes it seems that we make an effort so that something goes wrong, especially when it comes to communicating with the person we like.

We had to live in a time when many relationships flourish through social networks and text messages or WhatsApp, and even though it should not be so complicated because it is so common, most of the time or we do not know what to say or we do not express ourselves in the best way. That is why here we present a small guide to the things you should never say to a child by text.

1. How much do you like me?

As if you were still in primary school, Nada screams so much insecurity and need for attention as these three letters.

2. I'm watching you

Spooky! If you do not want to look like a psychopathic girlfriend, please never write this.

3. We have to talk

Write that and we are finished, for him they mean practically the same thing.

4. Are you ignoring me?

Simple: if it is ignoring you, it will not answer you. And if you ask if he's doing it, you do not do yourself any favors.

5. My period was delayed

This is the message that you never, never should send. It's a discussion you should not have through text messages, period.

6. Do you still talk to your ex?

Remove your fingers from the keyboard and stop sabotaging yourself! There are things that all people want and must keep private and that is one of them. While you have all your attention and love, it is something that should not take away your sleep.

7. Are you dating someone?

Unless they are the first exits and have not talked about the subject, if you feel the need to talk about this is because they have not established well the nature of the relationship. In any case, it is a topic that is always better to deal with in person.

8. I love you

There is nothing wrong with sending some text related to love if they said it in person before, but if it's your first I love you, it's better if you do not do it.

9. Screenshots

Especially if they are from past talks. It may seem like a good idea to try a point but if they refer to a topic that was already closed, it can have the opposite effect and fan a discussion.

10. We finish

Rude and cowardly. You never end up with someone by text message.

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