10 Television characters with the most tragic life stories


There are television characters that we love and others we hate. But there is a third group capable of removing our emotions to the point of making us shed tears.

Although they are usually not the protagonists, they are the first to steal our hearts because of their tragic life stories and the strength with which they confront their destiny.

1. Sansa Stark

Program: Game of Thrones.

Lifetime: She had to stop being a naive girl to become a strong woman. Her father was beheaded in front of her, she suffered mental and physical torture, almost her entire family was murdered; As if that were not enough, she ended up married to a man she did not love.

2. Will Byers

Program: Stranger Things.

Lifetime: His mother spends all day at work, was kidnapped by a strange being, was lost for an eternity in an alternate dimension. When he was rescued, he coughed so hard that his lungs almost left his body, then he was possessed. When he returns to his school and tries to recover his normal life he is harassed by his classmates.

3. Bonnie Bennett

Program: The Vampire Diaries.

Lifetime: The excessive use of magic destroyed his life, he lost his friends and family. In the end he had to sacrifice himself for the good of humanity.

4. Cristina Yang

Program: Grays Anatomy.

Lifetime: Her father died in front of her, was abandoned on the altar, threatened with a weapon when trying to save a partner and ended up married to an unfaithful man who constantly mistreated her.

5. Cheryl Blossom

Program: Riverdale.

Lifetime: His father murdered his brother, then committed suicide. Her mother sent her to sexual reorientation therapy and started running a brothel in her own home.

6. Jane Villanueva

Program: Jane the Virgin

Lifetime: She was artificially inseminated by mistake of the hospital, when her son was born she was abducted, her husband was ill and when recovering she presented amnesia, reason why she was unable to remember her story with her.

7. Spencer Reid

Program: Criminal minds.

Lifetime: He met a woman who loved and died before his eyes; He was tortured by a criminal and imprisoned unjustly.

8. Jesse Pinkman

Program: Breaking Bad.

Lifetime: His family turned his back on him, he entered the world of drugs, he was beaten repeatedly, he killed to survive, he was betrayed by his only friend and his girlfriend died of an overdose.

9. Lane Kim

Program: Gilmore Girls.

Lifetime: He dreamed of being a drummer but his mother prevented him from reaching his dreams. Her luck in love was not the best: she married a musician, but she stayed at home to take care of her children while he went on tour throughout the country.

10. Jasper Jordan

Program: The 100

Lifetime: The happiest and most intelligent character in the series was stabbed, kidnapped, tortured and saw all his loved ones die.

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