10 Super sexy men that will make you buy a direct flight to Colombia


Undoubtedly, a handsome man with a charming smile, a well defined body, captivating eyes and a unique accent, will always manage to steal the heart of any woman. That is why Colombians have earned all our love.

If you do not think that the sexiest men on the planet walk in Colombia, then you have to see this list that will make you run to the airport in your city to buy a flight without a ticket back to Colombia right now!

1. Maluma

Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known as Maluma, is a Colombian singer, composer and designer. With only 21 years, this famous has won the hearts of thousands of women thanks to his great charisma and of course his undeniable attraction.

2. James Rodríguez

This handsome guy is one of the main stars of the National Football team of Colombia and Real Madrid. We all remember that lovely scene in which James won our hearts while crying in the middle of the football field, when his country was disqualified from the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

3. Manolo Cardona

Manolo not only has a spectacular body, he also has eyes that melt any woman; to all that, add that he is an excellent actor and that he has an accent that you would like to hear every morning when you wake up.

4. Miguel Varoni

This actor, despite having his years already traveled, is still one of the most beautiful Colombians. Born in Argentina, but nationalized as a Colombian, this man shows us that maturity makes men even more irresistible.

5. Diego Cadavid

Diego Cadavid, is a film and television actor, fashion photographer of the French Academy of the Image and drummer of the rock band, The mills. Nation in Medellin, Colombia and if your physique does not manage to conquer you, surely your great talent will.

6. Sebastian Caicedo

Sebastian Caicedo is one of the most attractive actors in Colombia. He has starred in multiple soap operas and is also a great entrepreneur. Just look at those green eyes to fall at your feet.

7. Javier Jattin

This handsome actor who was born in Barranquilla, is one of the Colombians with the most charming smile you will see in your life.

8. Rafael Novoa

Bogotá, Colombia, is the land that gave birth to this handsome actor and Colombian model who will steal your sighs just by seeing him.

9. Lincoln Palomeque

We can see this Colombian actor in various Colombian and Mexican series. Surely that accent that characterizes it will make you fall in love even more with him.

10. Alejandro López

Finally, but no less important and clear, no less sexy, is this Colombian actor who has delighted us the pupil in various Colombian series. Without a doubt, you will fall in love with him!

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