10 Simple exercises to do in CASA that assure you a GOOD buttocks. You are welcome!


To have good health and also a body of envy it is necessary to exercise, but it is not always easy. Besides the lack of desire that we often have and the boring routines, what you must pay to be enrolled in a gym is a lot of money just to have a tough guy full of muscles yelling what to do and how to do it. Do you know what is the worst? That in fact you do not even need it.

There are very simple exercises with which you can do a routine of 20 minutes at home and that will help you to have the body you so desire. While it is true that at first you will be difficult and tired, you just have to have perseverance and you will see that with the passage of time everything seems easier. Make 3 sets of 15 repetitions each, eat healthy, put aside soft drinks, chips and sweets, and in a month you will start to see the results.

1. Start with the classic lizards

2. Maybe this exercise is difficult for you at first but cheer up, you can!

3. Remember not to give up

4. With practice every time it will be easier

5. Now some squats

6. Remember to do 15 repetitions 3 times

7. If you do not have equipment, just imagine that you are going to pick up something

8. You're almost done!

9. The arms are an important part that you have to strengthen

10. To work the abdomen and ready!

3 Sets Per Exercise Is Killing Your Gains! | HUGE MISTAKE! (January 2021)