10 Signs that you are a LOVING person for dogs And you are proud of it!


There are people who say they did not believe in love at first sight, until they met their dog. When they first saw that adorable look, they knew what it was to fall in love. From then on they could not stay far away.

Dog lovers go to the pet store more than to the supermarket, spend more on food and accessories for them, than on their own clothes, and some even organize fun birthday parties.

Although they are considered crazy for their doggy love, they carry that adjective with pride.

Read these 10 reasons that define a person crazy for the dogs and ask yourself if you can be one.

1. You consider yourself mom or dad of your dog, and you think it's totally normal

2. You have become so used to explaining each word, that you are surprised doing it, even when it is not close

I had to walk to T-R-A-B-A-J-O today, because my C-A-R-R-O is in the workshop

3. Your morning alarm is a wet nose on your face and a tail that hits everything in your bedroom

4. You like to share your bed with your dog, although you know that you will only have a few inches of free space

5. You prefer to cancel your plans on weekends and stay at home to not leave alone

6. Regularly plan game dates with your dog's friends

7. You speak with your dog voice no matter if there are people around

Let's see, to see who is the cutest, yes, yes, it's you.

8. When you go on a trip, you use Skype to talk to your dog

9. You organize a birthday party with cake, hats, gifts and guests

10. You know that your dog is the only one that will really be there for you at any time. He will always greet you with a big wet kiss and wagging his tail.

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