10 Signs that will tell you he does not like you that much; get away as soon as possible


More than one girls movie, or chick flick, He has given us wisdom that we have applied over time. One of those great movies about love and relationships between men and women is the romantic comedy He do not like you to much, He starts with a girl who is led to believe that boys are often rude to women because of the incoherent reason that this is how they want. This does not make sense in the world of cinema and not in real life.

However, it is possible that for a long time we listened to phrases like: he is so cold, he bothers you all the time because he likes you and men are that insensitive, but these ideas, besides sounding archaic, are totally counterproductive for any girl with good intentions. So you should stay away today from that person who hurts you if you are identified with any of these 10 signs that He do not like you to much.

1. The victim has been made in more than one fight

If on more than one occasion he wins the fight by becoming the victim, it is unlikely that he really cares about your feelings.

2. Never have time for you

When he speaks to you, you usually make a space of your time, but he always crosses situations and hardly meets when you have the initiative to see each other.

3. Sometimes you feel that you dress for him and not for you

You stopped using those clothes that reflected your personality to put on what he likes because he thinks you look good, but you feel that you have stopped being yourself.

4. Avoid accompanying you with your family

When a boy feels that sooner or later he will end up with a girl, he does everything possible to avoid overcommitting and that includes going to meet your parents.

5. You are the one who takes the first step in a reconciliation

Basically they might not talk to each other again after a fight, but you give in and take the first step.

6. Keeps your social networks in complete mystery

When it comes to your Facebook accounts, always hide everything and usually keep your cell phone out of your reach; more than once he has behaved strangely or defensively if a message comes when he is with you.

7. Minimize your feelings, by being dramatic

If you get to express your feelings, you feel like you end up in the role of the drama queen and have even laughed at the situation.

8. He has never surprised you with a detail

Even though you have given him a million details, he does not appreciate them and does not have the initiative to surprise you with something.

9. He has told you who you should go out with and who not

You have listened to him on more than one occasion if he asks you not to go out to a party or with your friends without him; However, he never stops when it comes to leaving without you.

10. He left you alone when you cry or feel bad

If you have felt bad about issues unrelated to your relationship, you have noticed that he does not mind comforting you, much less giving you a sign that you count on him.

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