10 Signs that will let you know if your relationship is terribly harmful


In all relationships there are good times and bad moments, but being permanently in crisis indicates that something is not right and maybe it is not going to be solved. Many times, out of fear or insecurity, we close our eyes and avoid confronting the truth. When we choose to deny and accept unhappiness, we must question our relationship.

Do not wait to identify yourself with any of the signals we present to you.

1. Too much intensity

When your partner bombards you with calls and text messages and adopts an obsessive behavior.

2. Control

Decide how you should dress, what to think or say. Appear without invitation in your home, school or work in addition to seeking control in your daily activities and the time you dedicate to them. Check your phone calls, messages and social networks.

3. There is dependency

Insist that you spend more time with him forbidding you to go out with your friends. He wants your life to revolve around him.

4. Critic

Most of the things you do bother him or they seem ridiculous. It offends you insinuating that you are fat, ugly, that you are stupid or crazy to feel bad about yourself.

5. Blame

Find a way to blame yourself and blame yourself for your aggressive behavior by using phrases like: You provoked this or This is your fault.

6. Anger

He loses control easily during arguments, acts violently or has severe mood swings.

7. Despise

Begin by calling yourself derogatory nicknames. You do not care about your opinion about things and it makes you feel that you are worthless on more than one occasion.

8. Distrust

Your partner is jealous in excess: he does not stop calling you, asks where and with whom you are and even if you tell him the truth he does not trust you.

9. Try to dominate

Continually reproach your behavior and insist that you change. Give instructions on what you should do and how to do it.

10. You do not feel happy

When you are with your partner and you no longer feel comfortable, it is time to recognize that you are with the wrong person and that your relationship, if any, is over.

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