10 Signs that will help you to know if you are a sapiosexual; Do you prefer physical or mind?


Is good conversation and intelligent humor the first thing you see in a man? If so, you can be sapiosexual, since you find highly attractive those men who have features that project intelligence, putting this feature before others, such as the physical.

This change in what is sought in the other couple is due to the fact that human relationships have evolved. In the beginning, the woman had a need for protection; Nowadays, you can do almost what man does, so when you want to have a relationship, interest is directed to an intellectual stimulation rather than a physical one.

To know if you are a sapiosexual, here are some features:

1. You find the most attractive people when you know it best

Did you ever meet someone who did not captivate you but who, after speaking with him, was singularly attractive? This is a clear sign that you are sapiosexual.

2. You are always waiting for something new

Exciting novel stimuli and little attention paid to what you find repetitive, routines as a couple are not your thing.

3. You prefer to have a great conversation that casual sex

This does not mean that you would not like a one-night adventure if the opportunity presented itself, it just means that you are more mental than physical.

4. The variety is important

You are attracted to conversations that have different themes than what you are used to.

5. You are more excited about what they know than what they have

For you, the most exclusive or fine things are not something that catches your attention, you do not care if you have a car or what brand you wear.

6. Verb kill face

The attraction emanates from a meeting with the ideas of the other person, you move your whole universe with verbal expressions.

7. You can not stand bad spelling

You can forgive a finger error, but if you constantly write with faults, it sure will break everything you could have felt for it.

8. You tend to be attracted to just one person

Being the intellect your focal point to interest in someone, candidates are less than if you look at the physical.

9. You do not fall in love easily

For a sapiosexual, the strong and powerful attraction comes after several months of leaving, because the more you know the person and their intelligence the more you begin to admire and want to be with them.

10. You love knowledge in any way

You do not need someone who has the IQ perfect, but you like to show a considerable intellectual capacity.

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