10 Signs that will definitely let you know that you are completely IN LOVE

Enamorarte is one of the most exciting, rewarding and terrifying things that can happen to you. The truth is that once you're in love, it's hard to remember how you lived without him or without her. Of course, you were alive before you met that person, but you did not really start living until the 2 met.

Although we all experience love in different ways, we will surely recognize some things that happen to us if we have found someone perfect for us.

1. It's the best part of your day

Seeing your partner is the highlight of your day. If you really love someone, you will never get tired of him or her. It does not matter if your day was great, it will always make it better.

2. It's the first person you think about

It will be the first person you think about when you wake up and the last person when you go to sleep. If something good happens to you, something important, you want to tell them immediately, and if something bad happens to you, you know what your support will be.

3. It is your priority

Love is disinterested. You are the most important thing in your world, until you know the right person. Once you fall in love, your needs become as important or more important than yours.

4. You would do anything for him or her

If it were to build a list of things that you would not do for your partner, it would be quite short, because when you're in love with someone, you do what you can to make them happy. If you just like someone, you can feel that there are a lot of things you would do for that person, but you have your limits, instead, true love knows no limits.

5. You are not afraid to express your feelings in public

Before you are sure of your feelings, you may hesitate to tell the world what you are in love with or in love with. But once they form a couple there is no need to save it. You want everyone to know and express your feelings in all possible ways.

6. Love your imperfections

Your partner, for you, may be the most beautiful person you know. Although it certainly has some imperfections, for you they are not. They are unique qualities and things that you love, because only then you have the ability to accept their faults as part of what he or she is.

7. Think long term

When you're in love, it's hard to imagine a future without the person you love in it. For this reason, you will be thinking how you can build a life together.

Many times you will be tempted to prioritize things that could interfere with your long-term goals. What happens, however, is that when you want someone, thinking about the future may give you some fear.

8. You become a better person

Nobody is perfect; We all have something to improve, but being in love forces you to work on these things. You become a better version of yourself for the person you love.

9. Your feelings are unconditional

When you love someone, your love has no conditions. When you like it, your feelings may change according to the circumstances. The term unconditional love is redundant because all love is unconditional.

10. They are best friends

At some point along the way they will become best friends. At least that is what happens with most people who fall in love: your partner is so important to you, that he becomes your accomplice. You feel that, together, you can dominate the world.

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