10 shoes with school design that will be trend in summer


Remember those wide platform shoes, with strange designs and buckles that you put on during elementary school? Probably grow and stop using them was the best thing that happened to you in life, so much that you had forgotten them.

However, to the misfortune of some and joy of others, the shoes with school design are back and promise to conquer your heart with a new range of designs, platforms and colors that will make match with any of your outfits.

1. The ugly shoes They are back!

2. Your platforms are as wide as you knew them

3. A small and sophisticated heel is just what they needed

4. Perfect for a casual date with your crush

5. With or without socks?

6. Laces never go out of style

7. Dare to take them with jeans or skirt!

8. The perfect blend of rudeness and innocence

9. They are a journey in time!

10. What do you expect to dust them off?

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