10 Ridiculously high figures of money earned by celebrities BY SECOND


How many times have you heard the phrase: what will you live if you study that career? Maybe more than necessary. But the truth is that if you are perseverant, you have dedication and a lot of passion, you can become a millionaire doing what you like most. If you do not believe me, just look at the celebrity bank account. They make millions, working on what they most wanted, since they were little.

With some simple calculations and thanks to the magazine Forbes it keeps us updated with the millionaire figures they earn, we were able to determine the amount of income they earn per second and that way we knew that we can make millions with what we like. Of course, we also have to be realistic, sometimes the salaries we perceive can lead to complete depression. But remember: dreaming costs nothing.

1. Emma Stone

Emma is one of the best paid actresses in the world. A large part of his income is due to his role in the film La la land: a love story. In accordance with Forbes, the actress has a fortune of 26 million dollars, which means that she earns around one dollar per second.

2. Kim Kardashian

The socialite has known how to become a great entrepreneur. 40 percent of their annual profits are due to their cell phone game called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and the emoji application Kimoji. But that's not all, an important part of your earnings come from Instagram. For each publication with advertising, receives about 200 thousand dollars. According Forbes, his fortune is estimated at 45.5 million dollars, which means that he earns 1.76 dollars per second.

3. Taylor Swift

Recently Forbes He named her one of the most powerful women. Taylor reported earning 44 million dollars. That equates to 2.03 dollars per second.

4. Justin Bieber

Although he has a rather unpleasant attitude, the singer has a large bank account. According Forbes, earns around 80 million dollars, and per second produces 2.54 dollars.

5. Beyoncé

We already know that Queen B She is one of the women who owns a great fortune. Thanks to her successful world tours, the singer earns approximately $ 3.65 per second. In accordance with Forbes, has amassed approximately 115 million.

6. Adele

In accordance with Forbes, between the constant tours that she carries out and the different companies she directs, the income of the singer is 80.5 million dollars. This only means that he earns 2.67 dollars per second.

7. J.K Rowling

Since the books of Harry Potter appeared in the market, has a fortune of 95 million dollars. The writer earns approximately $ 3.67 per second. But not everything is luxury, she donates a large part of her earnings to orphanages, because her purpose is for children to find a home.

8. Vin Diesel

The movies of Fast and Furious they have awarded the actor a great fortune. Diesel ranks third in the ranking of Forbes of the best paid actors. His fortune is estimated at 54.5 million dollars, this means that he earns 2.11 dollars per second.

9. Martin Garrix

In the last three years Martin Garrix has become one of the DJs most important around the world. Forbes It gave him the ninth place in the list of the best paid. The Dutchman has a fortune of 16 million dollars. Per second it gains approximately 0.75 dollars.

10. Oprah

According to information from Forbes, the driver and businesswoman earns around 311 million dollars a year, which means that it produces approximately 10 dollars per second. That's why he was not afraid to give extravagant gifts during his television shows, money is what he has left over.

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