10 Reasons why you should date a man who loves to dance

A man who dances is not an ordinary man; They say that a man who dances is the strongest man and full of life, his personality basically projects the feeling of giving me space to move.

That's why at the beginning a man lover of dance can seem intimidating, both for his safety in presenting himself, as with the strength that your waist can carry and turn you on the track. However after understanding a man who dances, you can be sure that you found one in a million, since it will be impossible not to fall in love with his qualities and you will surely understand these 10 things that happen when you go out with a man who dances.

1. It fills you with confidence and security

Something that you surely love about him is the way he makes you get carried away by music and rhythm. It gives you encouragement to get rid of even the slightest bit of embarrassment, so the boys who dance are reputed to turn even the most shy into an extroverted girl.

2. He is a great leader on the track and in his relationships

With him you have never worried about knowing what the next step is, he always surprises you with new ideas and plans. He will see your relationship in the same way you feel a song, that's why your boy knows how to anticipate the rhythm without ever losing the style.

3. Has less modesty in privacy

A study conducted in England showed that 65 percent of women surveyed believe that a man who dances has less modesty in privacy; In addition, they are more creative, considerate, skilled and full of affection.

4. It is more sensitive to art

They have a great connection with music, rhythm and art; When they meet at a party and music fills them, there will be a moment when nothing else matters to them than the here and now of their body in contact with music and movement; If you ever experience these sensations with a man who dances, you will discover the power of music in your body.

5. With him you will never have a boring date

The boys who dance are perfect for those women who also seek to have fun, dance, and discover new places to visit. They are the best planning summer vacations and will always have energy for a last big party before they fall down.

6. Anywhere is perfect for improvising a dance

They are usually men who know how to improvise when the inspiration of a romantic moment comes to them. They always have the initiative to take your hand and take you out to dance, regardless of the background music or the place; they always manage to make a perfect place for romance at any time.

7. At your side you feel eternally young

They are guys who are always up to date in terms of happy music. Their great energy keeps them in force in matters of fashion and they tend to dress well.

8. It will infect your passion

A man who dances is one who is full of energy and passion, both for the dance and for his own life; so when you least realize, you're already sighing when you hear a good song.

9. Suddenly you feel less jealous

Although at first it seemed impossible, this really happens; When your partner decides to exchange partners with someone else, despite jealousy, their confidence always ends up reflecting in their firm steps until they return to each other.

10. They learn to read each other's emotions

It teaches you to read both looks and steps and strength in your movements, and even in situations where dancing is not involved, you can perfectly know how you are feeling and why. It is a communication of the body that you had never understood before.

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