10 Reasons why strong women take longer to find love


Finding love can be a really difficult task in these times, today's couples are looking for more a romance of one night than an emotional stability. Besides all this, some women think that dating is uncomfortable and probably boring.

These women are classified as strong, and for them it is more difficult to find a love that suits them. If you still doubt it, here we will show you 10 reasons that show it.

1. Men do not make them up

Strong women have high standards, and when someone does not treat them as they deserve, they know it's time to drop everything.

2. They are not afraid to raise their voices

They are not afraid to say what they did, be it good or bad. This is because nothing intimidates them, they can fend for themselves without fear of what might happen.

3. They do not feel the need of a man

They crave love and affection, but they will never need a man to feel fulfilled. Love is an option, but it is not something you are looking for out of fear of feeling alone. Your own life is satisfying and love is not a sweet need.

4. They know how to move forward

They have learned how to leave when they have to. They will never beg with people and much less waste time with second chances. They are sure that they will be well and that they will find someone better.

5. They do not allow being seen as another option

Women who are women can not tolerate being treated as another option, appreciate commitment, honesty and the things that help them define their relationship.

6. They do not play with their own rules

Never expect strong women to doubt about life or love, they are used to playing it safe. They will respond boldly and boldly and they will never avoid getting what they really want.

7. They know how to handle rejection

They do not feel afraid of the word, they have heard it before and they are sure that they will continue to listen to it; so this does not prevent them from facing the reality of rejection. They never get attached to what they expect, instead they go for it and take risks, they know they will face a thousand rejections; but that this will only make them stronger.

8. They always have difficult questions

Strong women like to ask tough questions to evade men, ask where things are going in the relationship, what plans they have to start a family, and what they will do to get more involved in the life of a couple. Strong women are passionate and curious in all aspects, and their love life is no exception.

9. Your heart has broken a few times

Although they act as if they were unbreakable, they have fallen in love and broken their hearts a few times, anguish only makes them more prudent; but not indifferent. They still have a lot of love to give, they just have to find the person who is worthy of them, that's why they put up resistance in relationships.

10. They do not wait for the acceptance of others

Strong women seek recognition of their success, their work, their friendships and the way they lead their lives. They know that the right person will find them when the time is right, that is why they do not let their marital status define their value.

5 Reasons why a STRONG woman cannot find love (August 2022)