10 Reasons why long-distance FRIENDS form INDESTRUCTIBLE ties


Friendship is not defined by the frequency with which you see a person or why you talk to him or her. While these are key components that help build bonds of friendship, from time to time you can meet a person with whom you will feel an immediate connection.

With it you can spend months without talking and it will never be uncomfortable when you pick up the phone to talk, or when they finally meet face to face. They are the people who arrive unexpectedly and transform your day into a better one when they see each other.

Even when that best friend is a thousand miles away, they can still foster a connection and share their appreciation for each other. Distance is not an obstacle when you do not allow it to be.

1. Your bond grows stronger

When there is a difference of time, you make sacrifices. That conversation that takes place at 4 in the morning is always worth it.

2. The computer becomes your best ally

The art of writing letters by hand does not have to be lost completely, but the computer and the Internet will always be a great help for your relationship. The connection will always be there.

3. You have something valuable to wait

You do not know how long you have to wait to see yourself, but you know that they will undoubtedly do so in the future.

4. You establish a friendship forever

Many people come and go, but sometimes it is just that friend or friend who is far away who will form a lifelong bond with you.

5. Iran accumulating memories and anecdotes of the old days

You have many memories of the past and you wait for those who will come in the future, because their friendship is renewed with each new encounter.

6. They never fight

They will not waste time fighting because they know it is too valuable. Also, they have nothing to discuss.

7. They make each other laugh

On Sunday, when they call to get acquainted with what they did in the week, you realize that nothing has changed. Even though you can not be there to be part of the memories of each one, you find a way to be included in them.

8. They can think about the past, but also about the future

Thanks to that friend or friend that you have so many good memories of the past, it is at the same time the reason to expect new unique moments in the future.

9. You will always have a place to stay

Do you feel like going on a trip? You always have a place to stay!

10. Your best friend makes you feel proud of yourself

That best friend does not judge you. He accepts you and reminds you that you are a strong person. It makes a better version of yourself.

Although long-distance relationships can sometimes be complicated and difficult, you realize that kilometers do not matter with that person. Your friendship is something that you will always be grateful for.

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