10 qualities of a woman that fall in love and drive a man crazy


What is it that makes a man fall in love with a woman? It is believed that men only fall in love with women who have lovely features and a good body. However, this is not totally true.

For a man to fall madly in love with a woman, the physical aspect is not a requirement; There are other factors that today captivate any intelligent and modern man, and result from a combination of personality, brain, body and attraction. Here we mention some of them.

1. Confidence in itself

Men love women who show security. A woman who likes herself is extremely attractive to men, and it is more about what she projects than her physical appearance.

2. Intelligence

Smart women are fascinating to the opposite sex. They are struck by an eloquent girl, who has interesting conversation topics and is up to date. An equally intelligent man prefers a woman who expresses her point of view.

3. Laugh

The boys, like us, in the opposite case, like fun women, with a good sense of humor. The joy of life is only enjoyed if we know how to laugh, even some bad moments. And is not enjoying life what we would like to do with our partner?

4. Take care of your health

Today more than ever, women worry about our health, physical and mental. A man who does also can find a gym partner, a couple to run or exercise in any way together. Of course, you can attend a yoga class together, or meditate to face this world that floods us with worries (it will cost you more work, but you will know how to convince him).

5. Loyalty and honesty

Loyalty and honesty are important qualities in a woman. As a couple, it is a vital requirement that both have them. We do not just talk about fidelity: a man wants his girl to be loyal in difficult times, and also to be genuine and not pretend to be someone else. The same we want.

6. Listen

Not only do we need to be heard. It is true that we talk a lot and in general we do not have problems to express ourselves, but men reserve things that worry them and that they would not even tell their friends. Only a woman knows how to listen to him when he needs it most.

7. Enjoy the attraction and sex

For some reason it is easy for women to conform. A man will be fascinated by a woman who not only looks attractive to him, that feeling of sparks jumping when his hands touch, but enjoys his sexuality, knows what he likes and does not like, and is able to say it . Sex should be pleasant for both, and for that, communication is needed.

8. Consideration

If a woman knows how to give her place to others and treat them with respect, that man has found a treasure. Much has been said that women should be supportive mainly with other women. Who is considered sets the example in their personal life, and respect in a couple is one of the most important things that both should provide.

9. Value the importance of your own space

We all need our own space. Some men still think that theirs is ALL space, while some women are willing to give it up. In a couple relationship the man will appreciate that his girlfriend will provide her with the space that she also needs, either physically or in time to devote to things she likes to do.

A woman who values ​​the importance of her own space will be able to negotiate with the man how they can feel comfortable and happy.

10. Generosity

Although we doubt that men are aware of their imperfections, in reality they value very much that a woman is tolerant and kind to them, because surely they know that it will help them to develop those same qualities. Generosity is not about forgiving and forgetting, but about offering opportunities. Maybe we do not need them to give us any, talking about a relationship, but everyone, without exception, we will appreciate a new opportunity sometime.

10 Non physical qualities in a woman that drive men crazy (January 2021)