10 Products that you should avoid if you want to have a porcelain skin


Beware of following the advice of someone who has different skin type than yours! How many times do we not make the mistake of using a friend's remedies when her skin is dry and our skin is dry?

The first step to having a healthy skin is, and always will be, to go with your dermatologist; the second, to avoid bad advice that we have passed on from generation to generation and that harm our face, rather than helping it. Here you have ten products that you should not use if you want a face with porcelain skin.

1. Body cream

From children we all put body cream on our face and that was more than enough, but the needs are not the same. The face needs a deep moisturizing without this implying clogging the pores with a heavy moisturizer.

2. Hand soap

Never! The only one with which you must wash your face is one for the face. If you do not have it, avoid this step since neutral bars of soap are aggressive for your skin and do not have the necessary components that your skin requires.

2. Toothpaste

It used to be a recommendation from moms to their daughters when the first pimples came out at puberty, but the reality is that the toothpaste contains chemicals that can irritate your skin and make it even more sensitive than if you had burst the pimple.

3. Lemon

Lemon juice is very famous as an ingredient in home remedies to fight acne. But this advice is counterproductive, since the citrus juice has psoralen, a substance that makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. If you use lemon, never go out into the street during the day, it is better to always be at night and rinse it well.

4. Hot water

All you want is a skin without open pores and a perfect complexion, right? So, why do you expose your face to hot water, not to mention boiling, when you go to bathe?

Quite the opposite: try to bathe with warm water and even, if you can, put your face to the shower with cold water during the last minute before leaving the shower. This will close your pores completely.

5. Make-up remover wipes abruptly

One of the worst mistakes when it comes to removing makeup is to think that you need to carve your pad or pad over the shadows or mascara so that the products come out fast. The reality is that it is not necessary.

Try putting only a towel over your eye and hit slowly with your fingers, giving a light massage; Do it 10 to 15 seconds in each eye and it will be more than enough for a clean face and without stretching your skin unnecessarily.

6. Hydrogen peroxide

Some home remedies include these types of items as a substitute for facial cleanser. But the reality is that it is a terrible idea, since hydrogen peroxide is abrasive and can stain your skin if you expose yourself to the sun.

7. Dirty lenses

It is very common to forget to clean your glasses, especially if you do not have a case to store them. Maybe you have not thought about it before, but dust and bacteria in glasses, for reading or for sun, stay on your face once you put them on.

8. Excessive scrubs

One to two times a week is allowed, but more than three is an abuse to your skin, since being a product that scrapes and carves on your skin the only thing that you will be provoking will be irritation and permanent damage to your face.

9. Expired products

Never apply a product without reviewing its expiration date; It is not because it is paranoid, but even if it is a new cream or makeup you should check this detail.

10. Cocoa butter

This remedy is excellent at preventing the appearance of stretch marks, but it is totally forbidden on your face. Its consistency is so heavy and oily that it will not only remove pimples and pimples: it will prevent your pores from breathing.

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