10 Practical recommendations so that your hair does not have split ends


The hair is the frame of our face, and-let's be honest-when it is well cared for it makes us feel and look sensual. We also know that hair is prone to abuse and that this damage can be translated into dryness, dandruff and split ends, among other alterations.

The split ends prevent the hair from looking shiny and losing its shape. Although the only genuine way to correct the problem is to cut them, there are several simple methods to treat and prevent it while attending the next appointment in the beauty salon.

1. Anti-residue shampoo

When you are washing your hair use the least amount of shampoo possible, place only what is necessary to clean the scalp; limits its use to twice a week maximum and considers applying one that is anti-waste to go recovering the shine.

2. Dry shampoo

If you are one of the girls who can not live a day without washing their hair, there is something miraculous called dry shampoo, you just have to spray your roots with it and it will look freshly washed, so you do not touch your tips at all and let them repair with natural oils.

3. Hair masks

Every two weeks it performs a deep hydration. For this you can use natural masks for hair or buy your favorite treatment. If your hair is well hydrated, you will avoid the possibility that the hair fiber will open. In addition, you will prevent the formation of knots that damage the hair.

4. Heat down

So that you do not mistreat your tips while they recover, use your dryer with cold air or the iron or tongs in a lower level, because when the heat touches your tips it burns them until they break.

5. Spray for heat

If you are going to use heat on your hair, use a heat protective spray, as it is a barrier that will save the tips of your hair more than once.

6. A shine treatment

To look beautiful immediately, you can resort to a treatment of brightness in aesthetics, it works like a dye, but what it does is that it covers the bristles of your hair with silicone, it is something like a temporary disguise.

7. Sunscreen for hair

If you are passionate about the beach or the pool or just spend many hours under the sun, it is mandatory to use a sunscreen product. Sun, chlorine and salt water tend to dry the hair and cause split ends.

8. Drink water

Make sure you drink enough water every day, as well as being beneficial to your body in general, your hair will get the hydration and minerals necessary to stay healthy.

9. Do not rub your hair

When you are removing the excess moisture in your hair after washing it, avoid rubbing the hair with a towel, because this is an aggression to the hair fiber; Tighten the hair gently until you feel that you have removed the moisture.

10. Trim hair

If cutting the hair is the ultimate solution to the problem of split ends, cutting the ends is the best preventive measure. The longer you let pass without cutting, the more likely it is that the condition of the tips will become worse and spread. Trimming the ends every 6 or 8 weeks is the fastest way to grow hair.

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