10 Photographs before and after the cast of Hannah Montana


Miley Cyrus recently revived our obsession with Hannah Montana with a nostalgic change of look that resembled his famous teenage role. The memories that aroused inevitably made us wonder what happened to the protagonists of the series?

It's been 13 years since the first episode was released and we met these funny characters. Some managed to keep their careers afloat while others have only obtained sporadic roles in one film or series.

1. Miley Stewart Miley Cyrus

Thanks to the series, the fame and the fortune smiled to him to Miley Cyrus that, in spite of having a time of rebellion and excesses, knew how to maintain its race (unlike other artists like Lindsay Lohan). He continues to act, his music is a success and his love life goes from strength to strength.

2. Lilly Truscott Emily Osment

Lilly was the best friend we all wanted to have: funny, witty and loyal, there was no chapter in which we did not laugh out loud. At 27, she is still immersed in the world of acting, dubbing and music. His most recent series, The Kominsky method, is available on Netflix.

3. Oliver Oken Mitchel Musso

The police stopped him in 2011 for driving while intoxicated and the children's program in which he worked at that time, Pair of kings, it was cancelled. But he has tried that this does not mean the end of his career and has tried to stay afloat. His last appearance was in the comedy Characterz in 2015.

4. Jake Ryan Cody Linley

The handsome boyfriend of Miley Stewart left behind his emo hair and looks more handsome eight years from the end of the series. His last major role was in the movie Hoovey in 2015.

5. Robby Ray Stewart Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley's father in the series and in real life was already a famous country singer before appearing in Hannah Montana, but the program gave him more notoriety. He has more than 20 studio albums and his acting career consists of productions such as 90210 Y Sharknado 2.

6. Jackson Stewart Jason Earles

The younger brother (who as a child had nothing) of Hannah Montana was 28 years old when he started shooting the series. Now, at 41, he still has some roles in productions like The wasabi Warriors Y Friends when it is.

7. Rico Suave Moisés Arias

When we met Rico, he was a little boy with a hairstyle by Justin Bieber who was always planning jokes to play Jackson. He is currently an excellent photographer of celebrities such as Ezra Miller, Kedall Jenner, Jaden and Willow Smith.

8. Amber Addison Shanica Knowles

She was the richest and most popular girl in school and Miley's enemy because she wanted to be the best singer. Beyoncé's cousin was co-star of Tyra Banks in the television comedy Life-Size 2

9. Ashley DeWitt Anna Maria Perez

The naive best friend of Amber who was always bothered by not knowing how to sing, showed that her voice is not as out of tune as in the program and released three albums. Although his career failed to take off and his last appearance was in 2014 in The heroes of the city.

10. The little blonde girl Noah Cyrus

Because everything is in the family, Miley's little sister and daughter of Billy Ray, had recurring appearances in the series. In 2016 he released his first single, Make me cry and, although his career is not as prolific as his sister's, he has sung alongside artists such as LP, Jake Bugg and Gallant.

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