10 mistakes you should avoid doing with your makeup


It is true, now we have tutorials available to know and learn the best makeup application techniques, and that has definitely made life easier for us. However, there are still a few things we do not know about this.

That is why we have come to the rescue so that you do not make any mistakes. Here we show you the 10 things you should never do with your makeup.

1. The base should never be tested in the hand

Girls who love make-up know that you should never try the base on your hand, as it does not have the same tone as our face, as they are usually one or two shades darker. The ideal is to try it between the jaw and the neck.

2. The huge delineators are horrible

When you create a huge outline, you reduce the amplitude of your look, in addition to the fact that you look as if they had hit you (like Amy Winehouse).

3. Mascara against water should not be used every day

All makeup lovers know that these types of products dry out our lashes and cause them to break. Instead we use natural formulas that keep them hydrated and radiant.

4. Never apply too much dust

Definitely the worst thing is to look like you've dipped your face in flour, nobody is attracted to a girl with a white face and a different color neck. The secret is to apply translucent powder with a special brush to eliminate excesses.

5. Makeup is never stored in the bathroom

Moisture and heat can ruin all your makeup, in addition to making it unusable. When you store it in the bathroom, its expiration increases and the fungi and bacteria appear in it, and this could cause diseases in your skin. So try to store it in a cosmetic or acrylic shelves inside your bedroom.

6. Illuminator does not correct dark circles

The first thing you need to know is that the illuminator is not equal to the concealer. The illuminator works to give light to a specific point of the face, and the concealer has the function of covering imperfections so that they are not noticed. Therefore, if we apply illuminator on the dark circles we will only highlight them with a horrible whitish circle. Try to cover your dark circles with a concealer slightly lighter than your skin.

7. Night makeup should not be used in the morning

The ideal makeup to wear in the morning is natural, not a party look to go to work. So avoid the use of black and large shadows delineated. Although of course, you can afford to try a more intense lipstick tone to highlight your face a bit.

8. Always remember: first the curler and then the mask

When you apply masks and then curl your lashes you only achieve one thing: break them until you reach the point where they die. Maybe we exaggerate a bit in the latter, but the truth is that your eyelashes are too weak. Remember that you must use the curler first on your clean lashes, and then apply the mask to give volume.

9. Your eyebrows should look with a natural effect

Yes, the dark and abundant eyebrows are fashionable, but this does not mean that you have to paint them in an exaggerated way. Remember to choose a suitable tone that matches your hair; For example, if your hair is brown use a lighter shade, and if it is blonde or redhead choose a darker shade; of course, without abusing too much of the color. In this way you will highlight your look.

10. The most important thing is never to sleep with makeup

It does not matter if you are too tired, you always have to remove the makeup from your face before sleeping. When you sleep make-up the pores of your face are covered, which can cause acne and rashes on the skin, in addition to your pillows will be completely stained.

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid | Ali Andreea (January 2020)