10 Looks to show off your curves this spring; Do not let anything stop you


Sometimes it is difficult to combine our wardrobe and more if we believe that pretty clothes are made only for thin women. But no, girls! For all there is! And we can all feel beautiful and fashionable.

We know that it is even more complicated to look for outfits that suit this hot season, when all we want is fresh and comfortable clothes. So if you're a girl plus size Do not be discouraged! We bring you the best ideas for you to shine this spring.

1. Do not be afraid of tight clothes

The tight clothing highlights your figure, so do not be afraid to use it more often. You can even combine it with a beautiful long or short cardigan.

2. Use your jeans preferred

Get them out of the closet, right now! Ã "salos with strapless blouses and a flower kimono.

3. Jumpsuits are perfect

This incredible garment accentuates the waist; In addition, it is very comfortable and fresh.

4. Stripes are for everyone!

Stripes on blouses, jumpsuits and pants are in trend, so do not hesitate to incorporate them this spring.

5. Do not keep your leggins

The leggins They do not go out of style yet, and you can adapt them with beautiful loose blouses and flats.

6. Get the flowers!

It may seem like a cliché, but nothing more perfect what to wear floral prints: they reflect the freshness of the season.

7. These blouses are very comfortable

Open blouses are incredibly useful to show your figure.

8. Bring all your maxivestidos!

They are the best ally for this hot weather, besides being for everything! An exit with your friends or a more formal event in the afternoon.

9. Show more leg

With this heat what better than denim shorts. If you feel uncomfortable wearing small shorts, these are a perfect option. They are comfortable and fresh.

10. Nothing better than a crop top

Do not be afraid of them, they are perfect to use alone or under a cardigan.

We hope that this spring you can try one of these ideas and feel free to use what you like most. Goodbye complexes!

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