10 lessons we learned from the best love movies


Women love the cinema of romance, and more when it awakens illusions in us. That's why we spent endless hours in front of the screen, eating popcorn and giving free rein to the imagination with thousands of fantasies.

These are some of the lessons we learned from 10 of the most romantic movies to enjoy alone or accompanied, and understand that finding true love costs, but it is very worthwhile.

1. Love and other addictions

It's the story of Maggie Y Jamie. The message of this film is exceptional: it shows us that when you really love someone, you are able to fight to the end, in the good and the bad, and to accompany that person who made your life different through adversity.

2. Pride and prejudice

The history between Elizabeth Y Mr. Darcy he taught us that social classes do not matter or the opinion of others, and that love can be born at first sight. We should not let ourselves be carried away by appearances, sometimes in the deepest silence lies true love.

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The couple of Joel Y Clementine it leaves us a powerful message: the deepest and truest love can do everything, and that when you are destined to be with a person, even if you try to erase it from your heart, life will always find a way to reunite them.

4. Atonement, desire and sin

Cecilia Y Robbie They have a deep love, a secret passion. History shows that envy can separate two eternal lovers, but neither distance nor time nor lies can keep two people away when they really love each other.

5. Me before you

Will Y Louisa. His story is touching to the bone and teaches us that a relationship consists of constant work and struggle, that support must be unconditional and that even when you find yourself in the depths of the abyss, there will be a light that teaches you the true meaning of love .

6. 500 days with her

Although it is not a love story, we learned that you can not idealize a person or wait for them to correspond to you. It is better to put your feet on the ground and wait until someone comes to offer you what you deserve. Tom he learned it with Summer.

7. Always the same day

Love hides from us, sometimes in the person we least expect, and, as we are taught Emma Y Dexter, a good friendship can be the beginning of a relationship. The important thing is to accept the feelings before it's too late.

8. Blue Valentine

Dean Y Cindy they show us that maintaining a relationship is not easy, you have to go through different circumstances and difficult moments to strengthen ties, and how it is necessary not to fall into the routine to nurture love.

9. Ps I love you

Jerry he is a man madly in love with his wife Holly, and teaches that even when he is no longer present in his life, he can help her to heal the emptiness that he leaves after his departure. Love, simply, has no end.

10. Water for elephants

In the most inhospitable environment you can find magic, tenderness and love. No matter the age barrier or any other impediment: when someone loves you, it is layers of fighting everything to be by your side and make you very happy. This is what he did Jacob by Marlena, a woman whom he believed unattainable, but never doubted his feelings.

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