10 Inspirational confessions of people who overcame overweight


Currently, overweight is a health problem that affects the physical and psychological well-being of the sufferer. And although sometimes we do not realize how much we have neglected our body, in most of the times the damage is in the image we have of ourselves, and until we change our way of thinking, those 5, 10, or 20 kilos become impossible to beat.

The key to achieving this, in addition to a good diet and a regime of exercise, is to believe in ourselves, and not abandon us. And although big size is just a label, your emotional well-being and looking at yourself as a perfect being inside and out is an invaluable feeling. To inspire us to follow this philosophy of self-love, we have 10 confessions of people who overcame overweight.

1. Rachel Graham: 40 kilos

There are no magic methods to lose 40 kilos just by snapping your fingers. It's a simple routine: count calories, healthy eating and physical exercises. Before coming to that I resorted to different diets and none worked.

2. Khristina Hubac: 45 kilos

I suffered bullying overweight, and for this reason I did not attend my graduation dance. Now I love party dresses, I feel a sexy and beautiful person. I look at myself and think: Does anyone want to be my dance partner? .

3. Tatyana: 55 kilos

I am proud of my lost 55 kilos. I have shown myself that I can stay healthy and reduce body mass. I managed to change my habits in 6 months and since then I have not returned to serving hearty dishes at my dinners.

4. Christine Carter: 68 kilos

I found a coach who helped me realize the psychological changes I needed to make in my life to see a transformation in me. I started by making small commitments and following them. This helped little by little, until I began to feel more confident in my life, and the more I had, the more successful I became.

5. Rosie Mercado: 95 kilos

I hit bottom about eight years ago. I had a depression so big that I could not live with my children. I became too fat to walk with my family. Now the mere fact of being able to go outdoors is phenomenal. Even though the goal was to lose weight, my goal is not a size 2 or 4, that's not what I am.

6. Jennifer Gimenez: 18 kilos

This process helped me realize that I am worth much more than just my weight. It's good to be me, and I'm beautiful just the way I am.

7. Kate Writer: 65 kilos

My breakfast used to be an energizer and a chocolate bar. He ate junk food all day and dined twice at McDonalds in the evening. My boyfriend, Nick, loved me the way I was, so I quickly neglected my figure and started to get fat uncontrollably. I changed all my habits, and after 9 months I got to weigh 65 kilos. That was the lowest thing I had ever weighed in my life, so I felt fantastic.

8. Regina Nitsievskaya: 68 kilos

I got rid of 68 kilos by gradually excluding unhealthy products. Then I found a video of classes fitness and practiced the exercises daily. Later I signed up at a gym. I started to eat well and have 5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two hors d'oeuvres.

9. Clare Nasir: 15 kilos

After having my baby, my body reached the maximum it had ever weighed. And being a television interviewer, I got to see magazines and tabloids in which they mentioned my name and the word "llenita". It was humiliating, but also motivating, so I got serious about it and decided to make my body look better.

10. Matt and Hanna Bradley: 40 and 20 kilos

I was very happy with Hanna, but my confidence had been in a tailspin because I was very aware of my size. I got to buy clothes XXL size and I hated to see my pictures. Before the wedding, Hanna supported me; she lost 20 kilos and I lost 40.

Need to Lose Weight? Do It God's Way! (January 2022)